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YouTube Playlist –create a YouTube Playlist

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Have you thought of creating a Youtube Playlist, or wondering if a playlist is free to create? Here is the answer to some question that might be bothering your mind. To do all of that just follow this guide carefully. YouTube Playlist –create a YouTube Playlist. Recommended: Youtube mp3 converter – How to Download Music from YouTube

YouTube Playlist –create a YouTube Playlist

YouTube Playlist

What do you understand by Youtube playlist –this is simply a collection of videos on Youtube that play in an orderly manner. This feature is free and accessible by all users. So you can decide to create as many as you want or multiple playlists. Creating a playlist on this platform does not only par tern to video, you can as well create a playlist for songs audios here. Read on to see how to create a playlist.

How to create a YouTube playlist

For you to create a playlist is easy and simple to do. All you need to do is follow the steps below;

Enter Youtube on your device.

Sign in with your Google account (Gmail) and login to your Youtube channel.

Search for the video you want to add to your playlist and select it.

Select the save button below the video.

 From the menu, select the +create new playlist option from the list of options.

Then, enter t the name for the playlist you just created.

Choose privacy option for the playlist, public, unlisted or private.

NOTE: if you choose public this make your playlist to be visible to the public, unlisted will allowed users with a direct link. And private will make it accessible to only you. So when you are done click on create button or tab.

How to access the YouTube Playlist page

 To access your Youtube page is very simple with these steps below you are good to go.

Open your browser enter the URL:

Tap on the menu icon at the top left side of the page.

Choose library.

Below the library option, you will see your newly created playlist and any other playlist you have created.

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