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XPhone Android – Stop Overpaying for Smartphone

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XPhone Android – Stop Overpaying for Smartphone. Right from the day, it was launch, this knows yet Smartphone is ripping us off shelves worldwide! Impressive performance, cutting – edge design, and totally affordable price are something that makes this device a top choice – but is it really that good and cheap at the same time?

It is no longer news that these big tech giants are ripping us off. The Smartphone is mostly going through little changes every year yet the increase in prices is huge. Not to talk of many things you are paying for without you knowing it. Like ads or their fancy stores… these are the reason why their phone is highly expensive.

XPhone Android

XPhone Android – Stop Overpaying for Smartphone. Phone Quality And Affordable

How about if there is a Smartphone that could both perform the same things at the same time quality, affordable to anyone? How is that possible, you may ask? Its creator let the product speak for itself and it’s only available online which means that you don’t need to pay for endless advertising and stores.

This make to enjoy all the features Smartphone have to offer without spending a fortune.
This Smartphone is called XPhone; it is a fresh breeze on the global Smartphone market that is actually able to offer a great combination of premium quality and a decent price!
Using XPhone is just as using this exorbitant model from the major brands – that is because XPhone is made by the same manufactures that combined the best parts, software, and the latest technology they use for those expensive smartphones. As such, we now have a sold, fast smart device that brings the whole new experience for its users at such a cheap price.

What is special about XPhone? (Feature)

Xphone Creators know very well what the important features to focus on are. And is available in it. This makes it more competitive between those big tech brands.
Long-lasting battery. Xphone has an impressive 3350mAh li-polymer battery which is known to be the best. With a standby 290 hours, xphone allow you to enjoy your phone during the day.
Dual /Real Camera. This camera is far beyond photography experience. It has a 16Mp + 5MP Dual/Real camera.

Strong internet connection. It has a super-fast 4G connection. Which ensures a strong and fast connection?
Xphone has a face and fingerprint unlock. This enables a high level of security on your phone.
The Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 2GB RAM.
Dual sim and memory card slots.
Large 5.7” Multi-Touch IPS capacitive Screen.
Storage: XPhone has 16GB for storage.
The best version of Android phone – Android 8.1

What is the cost of Xphone?

The latest smartphone, XPhone is affordable with 5 times lower price than its competitors! They are currently running a promo. Which allow you to get it for 199$ with free shipping!

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