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Last Updated on 11 months by sfundcom – Games – is one of the old websites for downloading music, games video and movies. It is free for its first user’s visitor. The website contains free mobile applications ranging from different categories. Which are video, movies app store and so on? This wap site has different types of languages and this was done to remove the language barrier from its users.

Wapdam - Games/Video and Movies Download – Games – Wapdam

Wapdam has now been merged with waptrick, so their URL is now or In this their URL you can visit their homepage and access all the features and download what you want to download. Feature

There is a lot of features you can enjoy this website and from various categories like;

App store

Wapdam movies

Video clips

Chia Animal


Wapdam mp3 music


Wapdam wallpapers

You can still find in Wapdam some other downloading websites and links like; tubidy, vuclip install UCWeb which are free to download. Based on statistic it is regarded as the biggest mobile wap site with millions of good content. From their homepage, you can download any of your favourite apps. And this website is constantly updated. – Games – Games

Since the inception of the website, changes have been made on a game with the help of this site builder. And they are still upgrading on games as the years goes on.

A lot people still thinks the website is just for music, videos and games, but I will tell you that is not true, because on this portal you can download Java game and Android game with a high graphics and large files games. Video download

On this wap site, you will see different categories of video that interest you. You can download video from this website to your device. Enjoy full HD video download from this site. Categories of video on this site are a Music video, Regional video, Indonesia song, Song African Music video, and so on. They have MP34 and 3gp video format.

How to download video on wapdam

Open any of your browser on your mobile devices.

Enter the URL on the search bar.

Click on video clips to access the video page of this site.

Tap on the category of video which contains the video you want to download.

Search for the video and click on it.

Select the quality of the video, for example, mp4 or 3gp.

Click on the quality and start downloading.

Wapdam mp3 Music

Music is also one of the files you can download on the wap site. This has gained more popularity than any other downloading file all over the world today. Wapdam is now the most visited site when it comes to music downloading and it is easy to use.

This contains a lot of categories of music. You don’t even need to have an account before you can access this entire feature.


Open any mobile device

Enter URL on your browser

Click on mp3 music.

Select the categories of music you want to download on the search bar.

Click on the music.

Then the download page will be open.

Select the quality of the music you want to download to start downloading.

NOTE: The same step downloading step applies to music, video, games movies and the rest of them. Hollywood movies Download

If movies are what you want to download on this platform.

Open your browser in any of your devices.

Enter their URL

The home page will be open.

Locate “full movies” on the home page at the bottom of the video clips.

Click on proceed further.

Another page will pop out with different  categories of movies

Click on Hollywood movies or search any of the movies of your interest.

Once, you find the movie click on proceed.

A page will pop up showing some description, years, genres and the rest of them.

Click on any of the sizes of your choice to download.

Click on the server you want to download the movie from to start the download.

Recommended –

Tap on the download icon at the right corner of the streaming page to start downloading.

Note: you can decide to stream any of the movies. Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies have become so popular recently when it comes to movies. Bollywood movies have covered a wide range globally make the movies industries more popular.

A lot of people have thought about where they can always download Bollywood. Here is the good news. You can download Bollywood movies from this portal for free.

Step to download Bollywood Movies wapdam


Select full movies on the homepage of wapdam and click on it.

A page will show up that contains all the categories of movies on the site. Click on Bollywood movies to proceed to the next page.

Search for the movies you want to download on the search bar.

Once, that is done, select the file size

Click on the one you want to download and move to a new page.

Choose the server you want to download the movies from.

Click on the movies to start downloading.

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