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Do you sometimes wonder why some popular faces of Nollywood are no longer appearing in movies lately? Dapper-looking actor, Emeka Ike answered this question and more in a new interview.

According to him, the awful economy could be considered in charge of their departure out of the movie industry. He said :

“A few people feel that you are never again significant in the business as makers don’t call you for motion pictures. What do you need to state about that?

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“It isn’t just about me; it is pretty much every one of the on-screen characters in my set. You don’t see Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah, Genevieve Nnaji, and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde as regularly in films anything else as you used to. In this way, it isn’t about only me. It is the new pattern that came about when satellite TV administrators went ahead on board.
“The home video system was not properly structured; so, people started buying decoders. The level of politics in the home video sector was so high and our economic value became affected because initially, we got paid from the funds got from the sales of movies. As an actor, you can determine the fees you will charge for a movie.

“At the point when satellite TV was presented, it radically diminished the offers of motion pictures since a portion of those films were at that point being broadcast on TV. It’s anything but an identity thing, however, the absence of structures in the business. What’s more, see where it has brought us.”

Talking on the progressions he might want to see in Nollywood, he stated:

“I have gone past that. I have quit wishing Nollywood anything since I see that change is far. A few years prior, you could hear me state Nollywood was passing on, yet you will never hear me state that now.

“I understood that at whatever point I endeavored to talk with individuals on how we could lift Nollywood higher, they didn’t do anything. Some of them are not by any means educated about what is happening in the business. Presently, it just appears as though I am a noisemaker yet I continue imploring that God causes us in 2019.”

He included:

“Producer doesn’t make (to such an extent) films any longer; the issue of being ineffectively paid is out of it. I haven’t made motion pictures in more than six years. Notwithstanding, a year ago, I was asked to go to an area for a motion picture which is everywhere throughout the Internet now.

“This is on the grounds that the business is never again what it used to be. cable TV has taken over all over the place and the makers and advertisers that used to be prevalent at that point are never again acclaimed in light of the fact that no one is purchasing their CDs.”

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