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What Ruiz said before the Anthony Joshua fight

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Nobody gave Mexican boxer, Andy Ruiz a possibility against British/Nigerian champ, Anthony Joshua, however the impossible occurred. The Mexican knocked out the British in the seventh round. It was much similar to a fight between profound want and daily practice.

Desire won as it did in the second leg Champions League coordinate among Barcelona and Liverpool. Ruiz was against the world, held fast and impressed its. This is the thing that he said after their square up back in April and he posted it on his Instagram page on April 22, 2019, sometime before the fight.

“Anthony Joshua, I’m your adversary for June first. I’m here I’m prepared. Sign your part. It’s been bound to happen. We shoulda met a couple of years back when I battled for the WBO belt. Styles make the fight, I realize my style is one that you haven’t met previously. That WBO belt is really mine on the grounds that the entire world realizes I beat Parker for it in New Zealand. I’ve been holding up quite a while to get these lashes from you. U can hold them down for me until June first. To anyone forgetting about me as of now, get in line I’ve been counted out since I initially began the fight. Nothing is ceasing me now.”

Posted on Instagram by Andy Ruiz Jr on April 22nd. It was a dream that came through. It has probably been a standard fight for British/Nigerian Joshua but to the Mexican, it was a fight of a lifetime. Thus it occurred for him.

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