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    What is Xoom – is a financial institute use in transferring money and receiving money, pay a bill and reload mobile phones. It allows people to transfers money between the virtual world and the real world. That is, you can send money to someone in another country to their doors steps.

    What is Xoom

    How Xoom works

    Xoom allows you to transfer cash internationally while bypassing traditional means of wire transfer service just like Western Union (NYSE: WU) and Money Gram International (NASDAQ: MGI). With this, the person can use it to send or transfers money to persons in 54 different countries all over the world through your PayPal or bank account. You don’t need to withdraw cash and stand on a line at the supermarket to send money to Dad or Mum unlike before.

    This enables people in some countries like the United States to send money directly to mobile accounts in developing countries. It also helps a person who works in the United States to pay bills for his mother in his home country.

     On this platform receiving and sending money from wherever you are has been made easy. You don’t need to walk or take the Bus to reach a store or bank that receives money transfers before you send or receives money.

    Xoom has solved the problem of carrying cash around. You don’t need to carry around since Xoom deliver money to doorstep. This has helped to avoid gangsters attack or money was stolen or lost.

    Service They render

    Xoom renders three major services in sending and receiving on their platform and is highly secured. The services they render are;

    Xoom Money Transfer Service

    Xoom Mobile Reload

    and also bill pay and deposit

    How to Create Xoom accounts

    For you to have Xoom account all you need to do is;

    Open your browser

    Enter their URL xoom.com

    Once is open, click on sign up if you do not have the account yet

    Then an option will be provided> use Paypal to sign up or email

    Choose the option you want

    Fill in the necessary information if your option is email.

    Click Sign Up.

    Xoom Referral

    If you have an account with Xoom already, you can earn a reward by referring friends or people. With the help of this referral program, you are allowed to invites friends and earns your reward through the referral program, and this program is available to countries where is also available.

    How to refer friends

    This referral reward is available when using your PayPal account on Xoom. (When your PayPal account is linked to it). The reward is 25 units depending on your country on your resident.https://www.zmamen.com/earn-paypal-money-playing-games/

    Log in your account through your browser or app

    On the page of your account click on “refer a friend page”

    You can choose to invite via facebook, twitter, messenger, WhatsApp and Email.

    If you choose the email you will need to enter the receiver email also. they will send the message on your behalf and notify your friend about the invite of Xoom reward.

    Rules and regulation for Xoom Referral to Get Rewards.

    This platform has rules and regulations you must follow as a referral before you can qualify for it earning. Below are the rules and regulation.

    First, invite friends who do not have a Xoom account before.

    Use the Invite page to invite friends

    Your invited friends must use your invitation link to sign up.

    Your invited friends must send a particular amount and it must be an international transaction.

    Make sure the recipient receive the transfer and it is not interrupted.

    Then, your reward will be sent to your PayPal account on the confirmation date or within 30 days as the case may be.https://www.xoom.com/bill-pay

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