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What is Facebook Marketing – Facebook Marketing

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What is Facebook marketing, is an online social media users to connect with friends, group of people, making new friends on the internet? Facebook is used to promote all kinds of brands, food, phones restaurants, through facebook.

What is Facebook marketing

How to start Facebook marketing:

  1. Create a Facebook business page.
  2. Make a post of your brands
  3. Use Facebook marketing tools.

How to create a Facebook business page

• Open a webpages/create.
•Once is open, click on your page as you scroll down.
• Once it opens the page then click on create a page.
•put your information in the space that is required.
• Click continue and follow the instruction on the screen

How to post on your Facebook business page

• Copy the content of what you want to post on your facebook page.
Click on write post.
Paste /upload what you want.
• Click on the profile picture and manage it.
• Click post.

With a well planned strategize ou will be able to reach more audience efficiently
Use Facebook to reach more audience to improve your brands and reach more customers,
What is the cost of face booking marketing:
The importance of facebook marketing is that is free
No price attach too it, creating a page is free also, free posting and share of the content.

The strategy of facebook marketing Tool

How to use the tools
There are 21 ways to use face BOOK marketing tools for the best result.
Going by estimation, Face book has 2.3 billion monthly active users around the world.
It is the most popular platform in the internet growing rapidly. Marketers and brand are taking advantage to promote their product in facebook and it is the most preferred platform in the internet
Facebook improving all the time and are not missing out of this to reach their goals. Marketers are aware of this updating tools in facebook.
What are you looking out for on facebook marketing tools? Do you need more fans or you are targeting on reaching your follower to create awareness of your brand?

The Facebook Marketing Tool is as follow;






Fanpage karma

facebook ads manager



 Meet Edgar

Post planner




Timeline Contest Agorapulse

Sprout Social




. Likealyzer

Finally Shortstack


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