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What is FACEBOOK BUSINESS APP? Facebook business app This is an app was ideal teamwork together, start free workplace, instant messaging. live Broadcasting. Workflow, group calls, organization, mobile voice, and video call took place.


With the help of facebook business app, you can easily access facebook business right from your phone mobile, you can stay informed and respond to the customer immediately. Posting updates, manage your page without using a computer: read, reply to your message that customer sends to your page.

How To  access facebook business page

•             Open a web browser on your phone.

•             Enter website resources.

•             Type your business page into the search bar.

•             Select your page name to open on the search bar.

Facebook Business Account

This business account exits so that people can use Facebook Pages and campaigns without a personal profile. Note, Business account users we no be able to view other user’s profiles or pages, hey can only view their own pages ads.

What is facebook pages manager?

FaCEBOOK PAGES manager is a mobile app which you can install on your phone to help create Facebook Pages, users can manage and do everything on them b using their smartphone. you can see this app on the Google play store for download. With the help of Facebook pages manager app, users can access and update their pages, post, share, post, video, and photos and chat with other pages managers responding to their messages.

Facebook Pages Manager app helps users to understand pages to help get information see what their customers what they want and strategies to meet their needs and demands. This page manager separates personal profile and business pages this helps users to streamline the interface of the core app, and allow for an easy Page update.

Overview of Facebook Pages Manager Benefits

•             Facebook page manager provides a platform that helps to interact with one another.

•             It allows the user to post updates, images, videos, and other useful information and shares with their members.

•             With the help of facebook page, manager user can own up to 5o pages using a Smartphone or tablet.

•             With this app, you can track pages activities, and know all that is happening on your page.

•             Facebook page manager app is just too good, it helps Business that helps to drive an online sale, improve brand sale, promote our products and gives your brand visibility on Facebook.


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