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Western Union Tracking – How to Track Your Money Transfer

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Western Union Tracking – How to Track Your Money Transfer| A lot of people who uses western union money transfer on web and app frequently ask how they can track their money transfer and inflow of funds. It is not a surprising thing that some western union users want to know the process their transactions are going. Well if I am in your shoe I will like to know what process my money is going through also, that is where I am sending funds to and if the money has gotten to the final destination. Since western union has made provision for users to know how their money transfers progress work and this is also known as western union tracking.

Western Union Tracking
Western Union Tracking

To use this western union tracking is very easy and as a sender, you can track your money transfer. And as a receiver, you can also know the process or flow of the money the person is sending to you. That is why I believe it is good to know about western union tracking and how it works.


Furthermore, by using this tracking system you will now be aware of how your transaction progress. Especially, your shopping payments or bills payments and as well as your transaction can be tracked. As you read further on this article you will learn how to use the tracking system and how to download and install a western union app.

Transactions on Western Union that Users Cannot Track

Let me quickly show you some transaction you cannot track on the western union. That is if you are doing any of these transactions which means you cannot track them. Below is the list of such transaction that you cannot track on the western union.

Gift Cards.

Prepaid Cards.

Money Orders.

Online FX payments.

The above transactions are some of the transaction you cannot track on the western union for the main time. So if there are any means of tracking such transaction in future users will definitely be updated.

How to track Transfers on Western Union

With the steps stated below users will be able to track their transaction without stress. Here are the steps you can track a transfer.

Open your browser

And enter their main website

Then, go straight to the Track a Transfer caption and click on it.

A page will be open and you will see instruction on how to track a transfer either as a sender or receiver. Choose your option.

Then, you will need to enter your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) or the Sender Phone Number.

Enter the Receiver country.

Once that is done, enter the amount and select the currency you are using for the transaction.

After that, a Security Box Check will be displayed for you to enter the Code displaying on your screen.

Once you have done all of that, you can click on enter and a tracking page will open for you to see the progress of the transfer.

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