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Waptrick Gospel Songs –How to Download Waptrick Gospel|Waptrick Mind Game

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Waptrick Gospel Songs – Waptrick is a platform where all kinds of music free for download and including Gospel Songs too. Downloading gospel song on waptrick you simply need to go the particular section on the website and search for the particular gospel artist song and download. Here I am going to take you through on how to download gospel song on waptrick.

Waptrick Gospel Songs

Waptrick Gospel Songs

In this segment on waptrick under the music category, you can search for any particular gospel song that interest you and download. When it comes to downloading music waptrick is the famous website you can use because is free of charge. Waptrick keeps its users up to date with the latest songs, Video, Games, and Apps that is trending.

Waptrick Gospel Songs – Waptrick

Want to think of a website that put the interest of its users at heart, I will think of waptrick you do not have to pay before you can use it. They have changed their URL recently that means is no longer but is now You can access their website with any of your devices once you are connected to the internet. They have a lot of feature like;

Dropant Play Online


Photos and Pictures.


Live wallpaper.


Sound Effects



Photo Gallery

Dropant Online games.

Song Lyrics


You can access all these features mentioned above without worry about payment. It is totally free.

Waptrick Gospel Songs – Waptrick Music

This segment of waptick is specifically for music only. Some site will not allow you to download Mp3 music but on waptrick, you can download it on your device for free. As you are not expected to pay money for downloading you can download much music as you like. On this platform, there are different categories of music which include; Nigeria special (a combination of Africa songs), popular music like genres, RnB, Pop, Rap/HipHop Reggae.  A song like Rock/Metal Music, Electronic Music, Classic/Contemporary, Remix/Hit Songs, Dance and TV/movies Songs.

How to download Waptrick Gospel Song.

For you to download waptrick gospel song simply follows the steps below;

Open your browser on your device

Type  on your already open browser and press enter

Once is open, choose the category of the song you want or you type the artist name to search.

Look for the song you want and click on it, then, an option will be displayed for you to select the different download size base on quality.

Once that is done, click on download, and a new page will open then hit download to start downloading.

Waptrick Mind Game

Here is a mind game where you can think, calculate and observe. The waptrick mind game is that game. A lot of their game in the category is brain test game because it all involves thinking, observation before making a move. Some of the games like;

Puzzle Games – Hid died Object Games, Jigsaw Puzzles

Misc Games – Big Collection of Various games

Strategy Games – RPG, Tower Defense, Turn-Based Game Video Download|

In this segment, you can find lots of updated videos available for download either to PC or your mobile phone. Here, there is a high-quality video for download and they are in different categories which are as follows;

Big Brother

Movies Trailer




Talented People

Games Animals


Beauty Accidents

Science and Technology

Interesting incidents

TV Serials

Magician’s illusion Talent

Model Fitness


World Disaster

World travel

You can download all these videos for free and is very easy to download. You can follow the steps below to download videos to your devices.

How to Download Waptrick Videos 

Open your browser on any of your devices.

Enter the URL on the browser

Once is open, scroll down the page where you will see the videos. From there select the category of your choice. You can also do this by using the URL on your search bar and it will take you directly to the homepage of videos categories.

Tap on category of the video you want to download and select the video for download.

But you can use the search bar to search for the artist if you can find the music. Once you have located the video, click on it for download and a downloading page will be open and click on download again to start downloading.

Waptrick Hollywood & Bollywood ||download Full mobile Movies

On you can download all your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies without paying. And is very easy to use. As far you are connected to the internet you are good to go and download what movies you want on Hollywood and Bollywood.

Enter the URL on your browser on any of your devices.

Go to the category of your choice;

Hollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies

Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies

TV Series

English Duddeb Animes

Hindi Dubbed Animation Movies.

Waptick Apps|Mobiles Apps Download

Downloading Application on waptrick is very simple. Waptrick has made it easy for anybody that wants to download the app for their mobile can use this website. Waptrick is much secured to download any app you want and is free.

Here, waptrick has made it so simple and arrange their categories in order. So you can easily identify any of them you want.

Categories of Application on Waptrick are;

Phone & SMS – here you have SMS and messenger apps

Tool & Gadgets – Save Time and Money, all Customizable tools are here.

Social & Funny   – Facebook, Dating Apps, Browser

Antivirus & Security – Guard against Viruses, Malicious app

Music & Photo – photo Editors, Camera, and Audio Tools

Guides  – Translators, Phone Book

Dictionaries – Dictionaries, Translators, Grammar Apps

Music Apps – downloader managers, browsers, Media Apps

For you to download any apps here you can follow their URL Kickwap

Here, is another amazing feature sponsor by waptrick. Here you can check the live score, fixture, result, news and upcoming events just on Rugby, Cricket and Soccer. You can also do a wonderful thing here by designing your favourite jersey and your desktop wallpaper on this very waptrick @

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