True StoryAnike: (EPISODE 20&21)

Anike: EPISODE 20
The next day I set to leave for school when
Happy stopped me on my way out.
“Wow! Slay mama, you are looking gorgeous
as ever. Who are you wearing today?”

“Happy I’m not on red carpet, why all this
questions nau. See I’m not in the mood” I

“I’m sorry for bothering you o, I just love the

“I’m sorry I snapped, it’s just that I haven’t
gotten over yesterday’s drama.”

“I thought as much.”

“OK, I’m wearing Balmain fitted Dolman top,
a palazzo pant and a Valentino sandals.
Don’t worry I’ll place an order for you too
since you like.

“No o don’t worry, with all the expensive
clothes you bought for me last month.”

“I’m not complaining, I’m I?”

“Thanks, you are a darling” she said flashing
her teeth.

“I’ll place the order later in the day or do you
want it for the boutique?”

“Both, once I wear it, then my customers too
would love to buy it.”

“OK let me order for you first, then if your
customers likes it, then I’ll give you the name
of the store so you could buy from them, they
sell in stocks too.”

“Oh…Thank you my slay queen” she hugged
me inhaling my Fancy night fragrance.

“See you later, I’m running late for lectures” I
said and left hurriedly.

After the day’s lecture, I went to the VC’s
office to thank him for the previous day.
Unfortunately for me, I met one of the female
panelist. I got to know her name through the
brief introduction.

“Our Olori! (Meaning queen) how are you?”
Prof. Mrs. Alabi asked.

“Fine ma” I replied and bowed in respect.

“Which one is Olori again, the VC asked her.
“Admiral is a prince nau, have you forgotten?

If he becomes King tomorrow then she will
be his queen” she said smiling at me.
(I’m sure the VC has giving her the full gist
on my relationship with Prince)

“You are right, but that’s the last post he’ll
take, he always say it, that he will never let
that mantle fall on him.”

“King or no king, you are his queen already
jare” she said.

“If you need anything of which I know you
can’t need anything from me but in case you
do don’t hesitate to come to me.”

“Yes ma, thank you ma.”

Even Prof. Mrs. want to get acquainted with
him. I’m very sure she needed a favour from
Prince and want to get it through me because she exchanged number with me.

“My regards to Admiral.”

“I’ll do that ma” I say my good bye to them
and left the office.

After much plea from Prince, I decided to lift
my ban on our relationship and we were back
together. Though I didn’t get to see him
because he was out of the country.

Days later, He called and asked how my day
went during our conversation and I told him I
had a not too good day.

“A commercial bus driver bashed my car.”

“Are you OK, hope you are not hurt?”

“No, I’m fine, it’s just the car.”

“Ok, I’ve you called a mechanic?”

“Yes, I called my mechanic who joined us at
the scene. He said it will cost me close to
#100k to fixed the damaged part of the car. I
had to let the bus driver go because where
do I expect him to get #100k from. I already
transferred the money into the mechanic’s
account and he promised to fix it. He said
he’ll be done in one week” I explained.

“One week! so you’ll be taking cab for one
good week?” he asked.

“What other choice do I have. I’ll just get a
cab man that will take me for a week” I

“OK” that was all he said.
Surpringly, the next day, I came back from
school and met two of his staff in my
compound. His PA is with him, I think that’s
why he sent them to my place.

Then my gazed shifted to the car that was
parked in my compound.
We exchanged greetings and one of them
handed me a car key.

“Your new car madam, from Admiral.”
“What! This man is just..….” I said
surprisingly not even knowing what to say.
He bought me a brand new 2016 Chevrolet

I checked out my new car and I almost cry
because of excitement.

I told them to come in so I could entertain
them but they said they can’t wait, they need
to be in Abuja.

I called Prince when they left, I was just on
phone with him and I don’t know what to say.
I wasn’t expecting it at all, I mean I did not
see it coming. The other car is just a year

“Do you like your new car” he broke the

“Prince I’m speechless, I love it thanks so

“Ok, I’m glad you love it.”

“What should I do with the other car at the
mechanic workshop?” I asked him.

“It’s your car do anything you like with it.”

“Thank you!”

“I’ll see you soon, I’ll be back next week. I
really miss you.”

“I miss you too, I’ll be expecting you.”

“I love you my Princess.”

“I love you too my Prince” I said and the line
went off.

I lie on my bed, I think I’m the luckiest girl
on earth. I couldn’t asked for more.


My Mum visited me some months later, I
tried to make her not to come, but she was
adamant. She came and saw where I was

She checked out everywhere. She got to my
kitchen and saw all my kitchen gadgets. She
opened my freezer and shaked her head. She
proceeds to my store, she saw my foodstuff
that I can’t even finish in a year and She
stood for minutes in awe, she then came
back to the sitting room.

“Anike, look at where you are staying, see
your sitting room, she said pointing from 42”
plasma TV to my home theatre and other
expensive interior décor that caught her
attention. She continued.

“An ordinary student. You even have a brand
new car. Some people who have worked for
years did not even have half of all the things
you have in this apartment.”

I just stood quietly starring at her, I dare not
sit because she’s also standing.

“Anike….. Omo Eni oose agbafo oń kaso
wale. (Meaning: your child is not into laundry
and he’s bringing clothes home)
She continued. “And if I ask now, you will say
it’s Admiral, is it possible for one man to do
all this for you. I’m sure you are into runs,
because that’s the norm among you girls of

“Mummy I’m not into runs…

“Then swear on your father’s grave.”

“Mummy!” I stamped my feet on the tiled

“I’m sure there’s something between you and
that your Admiral that I never met.”

“Mummy, I’ve told you times without number,
that man is my guardian Angel.”

“OK, we shall see, sha don’t destroy your
future, I beg you in the name of God” She
said and left me in the sitting room. My
mum left for Lagos the following day.
… to be Continued.

Questions: Hmmm! Hear what Anike’s mother said,
“OK, we shall see, sha don’t destroy your
future, I beg you in the name of God.” Why
Anike can’t open up to her I don’t know. It’s
like the devil has taken total hold of her. “Aja
to ba ma sonu, ko ni gbo fere olode.” (a dog that will get lost, hardly hear the sound whistle of the vigilantes)

Anike’s mum believes she’s still a virgin. Lying to her mum about her sex escapade with Prince, is it justified, considering the situation they were before she met Prince?

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Episode 21

Months later, 500l second semester to be
precised, I discovered I was feeling itchy in
between my thigh, I also felt pain, before I knew
it the itching became more severe, that I had to
see a doctor. I would have used Prince’s
hospital in Abuja, but I didn’t plan to travel that

I went to a private hospital, a doctor attended to
me. I was diagnosed and he said I have Vaginal
infection. He said he handed me the test result. I checked the results. I could easily interpret the
results been a microbiology student.

“I know of this bacteria, but doctor what I don’t
get is how I got this…this vaginal infection. My
guess before I came here was that it could be
toilet infection”

“In lay man’s term, it’s called Toilet Infection
but toilet infection does not exist in the medical
field. If someone says “I have toilet infection”
they could be referring to infection affecting the
K!ttyC@t, or Sexually Transmitted Infections”
The doctor explained.

“ Both doctor I can’t have sexually transmitted
infections, I have just one partner and he
doesn’t sleep around” I stated.

The Doctor took his time to educate me on what K!ttyC@t infection is.

“Vaginal infections can also be transmitted
mostly by carelessness, or poor personal
hygiene rather than S£x”

“Doctor I used a public toilet last month. Could
it be the cause?” I asked.

“Yes, it could be, some habits that make women
have toilet Infection include use of dirty toilet,
vaginal douching, squatting to urinate, use of
wet underwear, Use of birth control pills to
mention but a few.

The general signs and symptoms of toilet
infections are: itching, pain on urination,
abnormal discharge, abdominal pain and
abnormal menstrual flow.

As for the treatment, Less severe infections, are
treated with drugs such as Vaginal tablet in which the tablet is inserted into the K!ttyC@t and has been found to be effective or Cream application using an applicator stick: in
which a cream is used for 7 to 14 days.

Clotrimazole (Mycelex, Gyne-Lotrimin) can be
tablet or cream. This is more effective.
That’s the one I’m administering. I’ll give you
the tablet which you’ll insert in your private

“Thanks doc for the enlightment”

“One more thing, your partner must also be
treated, there is all possibility that he’s also
infected, especially in cases where you have
unprotected S£x”

“Really, I would have given him infection too?”

“Yes, except you are having a protected S£x”

That means he had the infection too, since we
have unprotected S£x.

I was more worried now, how will I tell Prince,
he doesn’t joke with his health. I don’t know how to face him to tell him, this is embarrassing. My carelessness cost me all this. The day I used that toilet I was so pressed that I couldn’t hold it till I get home. I don’t use public toilet, but that day, I had no choice.

I got to my apartment and met Happy and I
explained my situation to her. She said she had
it few times before, she said I will be fine, I
should just make sure I complete the doses.
I went to the kitchen and microwave the rice I
left in the pot. I used the drugs, then I went to
my bedroom to use the bathroom to insert the

I was still in the bathroom when I heard my
phone singing ‘Mama Oyoyo a mama eh’…. I
knew it was my mum calling. I left the bathroom
to pick the call.

“Hello mummy”

“Anike, your brother was rushed to the hospital
from school. I just got here, they called me
from scho. The doctors said he needs to be
operated on immediately”

“Jesus! I’m coming over ma, he’ll be fine by
God’s grace” I tried to calm her down.

I just picked my bag and left the room. I told
Happy about my brother that I need to be in
Lagos now, my Mummy needs me.

“Take it easy, he’ll be fine, have a safe trip”


“Have you called Prince Alawode?”

“No, I’ll do that later” I said and left for the


I got to the hospital, I was directed to the
theater, I sighted my mummy sitting at the
waiting room close to the OR.

“Anike, welcome, thank you for coming down
here my child” she hugged me.

My sister too was sitted in her school uniform,
eyes all swollen. So he likes his brother like this
because they fight a lot.

“How is he?” I asked

“He’s still in the theater”

“What did the doctor say?”

“He had appendicitis, the appendix is ripe,
that’s why they rushed him into the theater
before it burst” she explained.

“Was he feeling sick before or do you noticed
any symptoms?”

“Not at all, he was fine”

An hour after I got there, they wheeled him out of the OR and he was taking to a private ward, I
already spoke to one of the doctors that I want a private ward.

I asked for the bill, I went to the cashier and
paid #300k. We all sat quietly beside him,
waiting for him to wake up, he’s still
unconscious due to the anesthesia effect.

I gave Adekemi #10k to get food for us in a
nearby eatery. She brought the food.

I encouraged my mum to try and put something
in her tommy. She hasn’t taken anything since

I assured her that Okiki is fine, its just for him to
wake up. I opened the foil ready to eat my fried
rice and chicken then my phone rang, the ring
tone was ‘ you are my strength when I was
weak, you are my voice when I couldn’t speak’ I
knew it was Prince. I picked it. All I heard was…

“Anike! take the next available flight to Abuja
and meet me in Abuja now!” he said with a
harsh tone and hung up.

Question: Hmmmmm, could it be that Prince has finally found out about the infection?

Check out the next episode!!!!

To be continued…. 

Story by Toyin Taiwo

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