True Story Anike: (Episode 7,8&9)

Episode 7

Things were going smooth between
Olamilekan and I until one fateful day, he
was in 500l then, while I was in 200l.
My phone rang I checked the caller ID it
was an unknown number.

“Hello, please who I’m I speaking with?” I

“This is Jane on the line, now listen and
listen good. I don’t want to ever see you
with my boyfriend again….”

“Sorry I think there’s a mix up here, I can’t
date your boyfriend because I have mine, I
think you called the wrong person….”

“Wrong person? She laughed, are you not
Anike,200l microbiology student, you stay in
providence hostel”

I was shocked this person really knew me.
“This is the last time I will call to warn you,
the next time, I will send touts to spoil that
your beautiful face for you, you this little
boyfriend snatcher”.

I tried to calm herself down before

“Please can I know the name of this
boyfriend of yours” I asked”

“You want to tell me you don’t know
Olamilekan right”

“Ola what?” i exclaimed and the line went

If there’s anything I hated most, this is one
of them, to be caught up in a drama like
this. I picked my phone and dialed Tinuke’s

“Hello where are you?” I asked
“I’m on my way to the hostel, hope all is
well, why are you sounding like this….

“I will tell you everything later, you won’t
meet me in the hostel, I’m going to
Olamilekan’s place.

“What’s going on Tinuke, you sound tensed”
“Yes I am, an insane girl just called me now
threatening me. She told me to stay away
from his boyfriend and guess who her
boyfriend is? Olamilekan, so apparently my
boo has a boo”

“What kind of a joke is that”

“Trust me she did not sound like someone

“Please, don’t jump into conclusions, just
hear his side of the story”

“OK, I’ll see you later”

I did not even bother to knock, I forced the
door open.

“Anike you scared me, what’s the matter”
He asked

“Who is Jane” and how did she get my


“And don’t pretend as if you don’t know
who I’m talking about”

“You know what Anike, just calm down and

“Oh! You think I came all the way here to
sit, boyfriend you better start talking”

“The only Jane I know is just a friend, my
course mate”

“Your friend my foot. She threatened to
beat me up, if I don’t leave you and you
stand here telling me she’s just a friend!”

“I’m confused, how did she even get your
number in the first place?”

“Are you seriously asking me that dumb
question, its obvious she got the number
from you”

“Just take it easy baby, we’ll sort this out”

“You and who? Who is she to you”

“I already told you”

“Friends with benefits right”

“I beg your pardon!”

He was upset too, but he had to calm
down. “Anike trust me there’s nothing
between that girl and I” He moved towards
me to touch me.

“Please don’t, in fact stay away from me” I
picked my purse and dashed out of his


I knew Olamilekan would come to the
hostel, so I went straight to a restaurant
when I left his place.

I checked the time it’s 8pm already, visiting
time is over, so definitely Olamilekan would
have left the hostel by now.

I took a cab to the hostel, I checked for his
car at the parking space and it’s not there.

I was about entering into the gate of my
hostel when I heard my name and I froze
because I recognized the voice.

“Anike!” I turned and it was Olamilekan
standing in front of me.

“So you stayed out till this time just to avoid
me right? I purposely stay here by the gate
to confirm this, you thought I would have
left since it’s past visiting time, right? Good
night” he said and left.

Two weeks gone and we weren’t still
talking. Olamilekan did not call, I too
refused to call him, though I miss him.

Tinuke is pissed at the way I was handling
the issue. She gave me the piece of her

“Anike, I don’t know if you know how much
I love you, I love you like my own blood
sister. I’ve learnt so many good things from
you. You are smart, intelligent, beautiful
inside and out, caring, humble, honest,
straight forward. You are a friend anyone
would wished for and I’m grateful to God
for giving me the privilege of having
someone like you. Despite all this qualities
you have a ‘But’and a big one at that. Do
you know what that but is? You get angry
at the slightest provocation and you are
stubborn Anike, You and I know that this Jane or whatsoever she call herself is not dating
your boyfriend, it’s just a false accusations,you know that deep down in your heart,but instead of you to give him the chance
to explain himself, you shut him out
completely. You decided to punish him, for
what? You are really lucky to have that guy,
I know you two deserve each other but
good guys are few out there and you are
lucky to have one of them.

We ran into your boyfriend in school area
and you pretended not to see him. You
better fix your relationship problem before
it’s too late” she adviced.

By the time Tinuke was done talking, her
words hit me like a blow.

I thanked her and promised to make

I went to Olamilekan’s apartment. I met
Jude his friend

“Hi” I said
“Hi” Jude replied. I’ll be on my way
Olamilekan I’ll see you later” he said and
left. We were both alone in the room.

“I’m not going out with Jane, there’s
nothing between us”
“I know”

“So why did you make us go through all
these, when you know her accusations was

“I was upset and angry”

“That girl wanted to date me and I said no,
so she decided to get back at me. You did
not even allow me explain myself, You
walked out of my room and told me to stay
away from you, that’s bad Anike, I can
never do that to you”

“I’m sorry for everything, I was just angry. I
hate dramas like this, I can’t start fighting a
girl because of a guy”

“So you can’t fight for us” Then you are the
dumbest girl on planet earth”

“Really! Do you just call me dumb?”

“Bitter truth, but that’s the fact”
I remained quiet.

“Anike I’m sorry about what Jane said to
you, I’ve put her in her place, trust me”

“I’m sorry too”

He hugged and kissed me. He later took me
out, that was how the fight ended.

Ever since that day we’ve been good. I had
a swelled time with him in school till he
graduated. He was a perfect boyfriend but
sadly we had to end things between us.

Olamilekan graduated and after NYSC he
travelled out of the country. One problem
he had is that he never had a say on his
life. His parents are the controlling type.
They planned everything for him without
consulting him first.

He travelled abroad to further his
education. We had to break up on the basis
of distance, we both know ourselves and
we know we can’t handle a long distance
relationship. Also he’s parent’s plans for
him is to stay abroad permanently, since
the whole family has relocated abroad.

The break up was not easy for me but with
Tinuke by my side, I moved on with my life.
He calls once in a while and we chat online
as well. We ended up as friends nothing

Fortunately for Tinuke, she got admission
into a university in US to study medicine
that was 300 level second semester, I was
happy for her but at the same time I know
I’m not going to get over her leaving me
easily. It was a tough time for me, I
wondered why everyone I cared about left

Olamilekan left, now Tinuke, I wept
uncontrollably. I tried to concentrate on my

I was glad we are going on end of section
break at least going home to my family
members we help me forget my runaway
friends. Little did I know that missing
Tinuke was the least of my problems.

Episode 8

I got back home, and I saw all my extended
family members sitting in our living room,
my mum was wearing black all through
same with my siblings.

“What’s going on here” I screamed. I looked
everywhere I didn’t see my dad. Where is
my daddy” I asked facing my mummy
whose eyes had turned red.

“Your daddy is dead Anike, we hid it from
you so that you can concentrate on your
exams” she wept and I hugged her, crying
bitterly, my siblings joined us, the wailing
was much and some family members came
to calm us.

My immediate younger sister, Adekemi
picked my traveling bag and I followed her
to my room.

“What happened, was he sick, accident or
what?” I asked her.

“ He left for his office in the morning, that
was three days ago, the next thing mummy
was called that he was dead. He didn’t
even make it to the hospital” she replied

“Did the doctors carried out autopsy?”

“Yes they did, the results was out this
morning and it says he was poisoned”


“They found some substances in the tea he
took in the morning”

“They should arrest his secretary!”

“Our uncle said the secretary did not make
tea for him that morning”

“Then who did?”

“Mummy made tea for him in the morning
before going to work”

“We all know mummy can’t poison daddy” I
gestured with my hands.

“Our uncles didn’t think that way o, they all
said mummy poisoned him”

“What! Are they all insane, this is

“Real conspiracy and Uncle Friday is the ring

Uncle Friday is my father’s half brother and
only brother. After my father, he is the next
in command. My father so trusted him that
he entrusted his company in his hands.

Tomorrow is the burial, we are all waiting
for you to return”

“God if this is a dream I want to wake up” I
said and cried the more.

The next day, my daddy was buried in the
cemetery, Uncle Friday refused to let us
bury him in the house, we never knew he
had plans.

The next day after the burial the family
members arrived, Uncle Friday the ring
leader stood in the middle of the sitting
room to address everyone.

“As we all know that my brother was
poisoned by his wife….” I rushed up to him
and attacked him.

“You b—–d you killed my father and pinned
it on my mother. I will make sure I have
you arrested, you will rot in jail”

Some people rushed up to me and made
me sit beside my mum.

“Anike, what’s the meaning of that do you
want them to kill you too, just leave

Uncle Friday adjusted his clothes.

“As I was saying before that b—–d
interrupted me….”

“Friday you are a b—–d, you this animal in
human clothing” I shouted at him.

My mum and my sister held me down
again…”Anike! You think you can fight him,
let God fight for us o”

He adjusted it clothes again. “We are
supposed to press charges against her but I
let it slide, because who will take care of
her b—–d children if she’s in prison. So this
is our decision we give you seven days to
vacate this house with your children at least
we’ve tried enough”

“You are joking, my mummy spoke to him
for the first time. “Friday I don’t need to
exchange from you, you’ll hear from our

“Which lawyer? my friend sit down,
husband killer. He barked at my mum. The
lawyer will come tomorrow to read the will”
He said and adjourned the meeting.

The next day the will was read in favour of
Uncle Friday.

He said he wouldn’t give us a dime from
my father’s property because my mother
killed him.

He said in exchange of pressing charges,
he’ll let us go instead.

They all left and I asked my mummy where
the documents to all my father’s properties
were, but she knew nothing about it, even
the pin code to his ATM card, my mummy
knew nothing.

Speaking of ATM Uncle Friday has packed
everything, they already swept daddy’s
room clean.

“Your father is secretive he doesn’t tells me
anything, he believes once I and the kids
are OK, I don’t have to pry into his
business” she explained

Why will a husband not open up to his wife,
your wife should be your confidant for God
sake” I said to my self.

To make matters worse, my mum is a full
time house wife, my father did not allow
her to work. My mum is jobless, she only
had few money in her account. My father
drops cash for her everyday, so she never
thought of saving for the raining day.

True to my Uncle’s words we were ushered
out of our house, seven days later, we
moved in with one of mummy’s friend. My
mum got a lawyer and we took the case to
court, my mummy started spending her
little savings on legal fees.

She remembered I’ll be resuming school in
some weeks time and gave up.

School resumed, the only money my mum
could afford to give me is my school fees
and transport fare I dare not travel by air. I
joined a bus from Lagos to minna.

My younger ones who attended an
expensive private school couldn’t go back to
school, Even Adekemi who is in SSS3, that
needs to write WAEC couldn’t go back to
school. Mummy just enrolled her in a
tutorial for WAEC class for now.

With that we exhausted all the money my
mummy had on her.

I got back to school, luckily for me I got an
accommodation in the hostel, it’s a rare
opportunity, the school hardly gives 400l
students hostel because we are staying in
school for only one semester, we are going
for IT in 2nd semester. They only give 400l
students who has legs I mean connection,
and mine is just God’s favour. We were just
two in the room and that is how I met

Happy is also in 400l, she’s tall, slim, fair
and beautiful. She smells money, I guess
she’s from a rich family and she has a car.
I really missed Tinuke, we talked earlier and
I explained everything to her. She wished
she was around.

Happy noticed I only moved into the hostel
with just my clothes, she sensed I’m not
financially buoyant, so she gave me access
to her food stuff. Since she owned the food
stuff, I started cooking for both of us and
she appreciated the fact that I cooked for

One day she asked after my family and I
told her everything about me. Since the day
I opened up to her, she started giving me
money, which I used to buy handout, make
photocopies and all. She also bought me
some clothes, I later knew she had a
boutique off campus.

I noticed she doesn’t spend her weekends
in the hostel. She travels on Fridays and
come back on Monday morning.

My sister called me in the evening while I
was busy making dinner for myself and my

She was crying on phone, Adekemi what is
it?” I asked

“Mummy’s friend has started giving us
attitude in the house, she has even stopped
giving us food, to eat is even difficult for us
now” she lamented.

“God will stand up for us and send help to
us in Jesus name, please don’t cry, you
need to be strong for mummy. You know I
can’t be with you for now, I had to be in
school” I pleaded with her.

I ended the call and called my mum.
I asked how they are faring and she lied to
me, she said things are OK. She asked me
how I was faring too and I told her about
my room mate who had been of great help
to me.

After the call, I wept, my mummy lied so as
not to get me worried.

Happy came back from lectures and met
me crying. I told her about the call I got
from home.

“Anike please stop crying and clean your
face” She said and I wiped my tears.

“Anike do you know what I like most about
you? You are not the nosey type, you don’t
pry into other people’s affairs and I really
like that about you. But I’ll open up to you
since you don’t ask questions. I’m into runs.
I was like it’s a lie, runs! how! Then I
remembered she never spend weekends in
the hostel, that explains everything.

Anike, I can help you and finance you till
you graduate. she continued. That is not a
problem, but Anike I can’t help your mum
and siblings that will be too much of a
burden for me but you can help them”
“How” my face lit up.

“For your person it’s not going to be easy
cos I know you are a church girl but it’s just
an offer, you can turn it down and mind
you, that will not stop me from helping you
till you graduate”

“It’s not about me alone Happy, my family
is suffering. I can’t be enjoying here in
school when they could hardly feed at
home not to talk of having a roof over their

“Are you the first child”

“You have responsibilities then”
“How can I help my family?”
“I can introduce you to rich men, you can
get enough money from them to help you
take care of your family”
“I can’t do it, I can’t sell my body, I’m a
Christian, a child of God, Happy!”
“I’m not saying you should decide now, just
think about it”
“There’s nothing to think about, thanks you
for your help” I said sharply and left the

Question: Anike is in state of dilemma right now, what would you advice her to do? 

Episode 9

A week later, my sister called again and
told me my mummy’s friend threw
them out of the house, they now sleep
in a nearby church compound.

I knew we can’t continue like this, so I
made up my mind that if selling my
body will put smiles on my families face
once again and end this suffering, then
so be it.

I waited for Happy to come back from
her boutique, I did not even allow her
to rest before I bring up the issue.

“Happy I think I’m ready, my mum and
siblings are really suffering”

“Are you sure” she asked a and I told
her my mind is made up.

“I have one big offer for you” She said
and I listened with rapt attention.

There is this man I met in Abuja,
although I’ve known him for some time
now. His name is Admiral Gabriel
Alawode, A high rank Navy, he’s also a
Prince, I heard he’s father is a first class
king in south west. He’s divorced with
two kids, the kids lived abroad with
their mum. He is 52years, he doesn’t
want to remarry but he wants a young
girl to keep as a companion. Though he
travels a lot but he wants someone
around him whenever he’s in the

“Why a young girl?”

“He doesn’t want anyone who will start
demanding marriage. He knows a young
girl won’t want marriage from him”

“Anike, Prince Alawode is wealthy. I
can’t date him, so I rejected the offer”


“I can’t stick to just one person, I don’t
want to be anyone’s property. I’ll feel
trapped especially with that his age. I
can still manage if he’s 40”

“Why do you want to introduce me to
this particular one and not the younger

She smiled. “Smart question. Like I said
earlier, you know you…(she gestured
with her hands) you are a good girl and
I know you won’t like to sleep around
with random men.

But with the money this man has, you’ll
be okay with him alone, he will take
care of you and all your responsibilities.
He doesn’t sleep around that’s why he
wants just one person who will be
committed to him alone”

“Hmm! I sighed heavily. I’m 22 Happy,
that man is same with my late father!”

“I know this is not easy to take in at
once, it’s not an easy decision to take
but this is the best offer for your kind of
person” she said

“I heard most of this men are ritualist,
you won’t want me to fall into the
hands of a ritualist, would you?”

“He’s not a ritualist Anike, he’s an Ad…
mi….ral, Anike. Admiral of the fleet…
the highest rank in Navy and he also
works hand in hand with the

I heard highest ranked navy are highly
paid, their basic salary is #16million or
so, aside the salary they are still entitled
to some money, and they earns close to
#30million at the end of the month” she
explained. He’s into oil and gas too. He
has many filling stations across the
states. Aside that he also has one or two
political assignments with the federal
government. So I leave you to guess the

“Jesus! In this country? And they say
there is recession”

“Recession only affect the masses my

“Really, then recession can’t affect
people like that”

“Should I call him now?”

“No, not now, let me sleep over it”
“I understand, take your time” She said
patting my back.

That evening I replayed my discussion
with Happy. I’m no longer that slim 100
level Anike, Yes, I’ve added flesh in the
right places. I’ve grown up to be a
beautiful young woman with a shinning
dark skin, average height and a very
nice body structure that could get any
man’s attention. But I never dreamt of
using my precious body in exchange for
money. I remembered how beautiful my
life was before I lost my father and I
cried. I remembered my friend Tinuke, I
wanted to tell her about it, but I’m sure
she won’t like the idea.

I remembered my lost love too,
Olamilekan. And I wept, Olamilekan
can’t help me, Tinuke cant help me,
they are still depending on their

Happy is right, nobody can help my family except I stand up to the task. It’s
time to grow up, I can no longer be that
Daddy’s little girl. It’s high time I
embrace reality.

The next day, I told Happy, I was ready
to take the offer.

“Good, you will thank me later Anike.
That I’m sure of”

“If you say so”. She brought out her
wallet and retrieved a business card
from it.

“I only have his office line, I don’t have
his personal line, but the call will be
directed to him” she said.

She called the office line and it was picked by his secretary. She placed the
call on speaker.

“Hello, Admiral Gabriel Alawode’s
office how may I help you” the voice

“I’d like to speak with Admiral
Alawode” She said feigning accent.

“Name please?”

“Happy, from Senator Nwannze his

“He’s not on sit, but I’ll forward the call
to his PA, just hold on for a some

“Hello, this is the PA to Admiral Gabriel
Alawode, how may I help you?”

Happy repeated herself. “He’s on a call,
please hold on.


After some minutes we heard the PA’s

“He said he’ll call back,” he said, then
the line went off.

“He’ll callback, maybe he’s still on call”
Happy said.

“So much protocol!” I said
“People like him are not easy to reach
except you have their personal line”
Some minutes later, he called back.

Happy picked it and placed the call on
speaker, so I could hear their

“Happy how are you” he said with a
rich baritone voice.

“I’m fine sir, I always trip at the sound
of your voice” she said teasingly. I like
that voice too, I must confess.

“Don’t flatter me, hope you’ve agreed to
my offer, I believe that’s the reason you

“Sir, I have two news”
“Let’s hear it,” he said

“As I said earlier I’m not interested and I’m very sorry for turning you down. I’m elated that you could think of
me for such an offer, but I can’t”

“No problem, I respect your opinion. So
what’s the other news?”

“I got you, someone”

“Happy don’t worry, you don’t have to do that. It’s you I want since you are
not in, then it’s fine”

“You’ll like her, I promise”

“I don’t want just anybody”

“She’s not just anybody, just meet her
first, then you can decide if you want
her or not”

“Happy you know girls and they are saucy
behavior, I don’t want a girl that will
give me high blood pressure or those
who will expose my private life to the
world. You know I’m not a fan of

“Admiral Alawode….I’m not just giving
you any girl, she keeps her private life
private. She’s not a runs girl, she’s
doing this because of financial

“Really, I hope she won’t misbehave
later, when she had everything she

“I promise you she won’t fall my hand”

“Fine, bring her to Abuja on Friday. I’ll
send a driver to pick you up at the

“No I can’t come with her, I have plans
for Friday sir”

“You! Those are the people who made
you reject my offer right, don’t worry go
and meet them”

She laughed because the man was right.

“Just send your address, she’ll find her

“That not necessary, I’ll book her flight,
the driver will be waiting for her at the
airport when she arrived”

“Nice, it’s ok then”

“Send me your account details, I’ll send
some money for both of you”

“Thank you, sir, see you when I see you

“Goodbye, thanks so much”

“You are welcome bye,” she said and
hung up.

“You heard everything right, once he
send the money, you’ll go for shopping,
visit the spa, fix your hair, do you
pedicure and manicure. You just have
to look great, you must impress him”
She said with a wide smile plastered on
her face.

“I’m scared”
“Don’t be, trust me you are in good

Question: Has Anike done the right thing by taking this decision, do you see her surviving? Share your thoughts!

To be continued….. 

Story by Toyin Taiwo

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