True Story Anike: (Episode 6)

Everything was going on smoothly between
us, we find time to hang out once in a
while, I got to meet Olamilekan’s friend
Jude. I love his choice of friends; they have so many things in common. Olamilekan also gave me a copy of the key to his room. He said I can always come around any day, anytime, he said I should consider it as my second room.

We were really getting serious and
Olamilekan was a sweet guy to be with.
Tinukes got a call from home. Her mum
called and informed her that her grandma
passed on and she said she has to join
them in ogbomosho her home town, this
weekend for her burial.

Her grandma who died at 85 already
instructed her children before she died that
they must bury her immediately when she
died, she hated the morgue”.

“Can you sleep in the room all alone?” she

“I doubt if I can sleep here alone, I’m not
used to it” I said.

“I have an idea, maybe you should spend
the weekend at his place”.

“And by his, you mean olamilekan right? No way”.

“I don’t want you to be lonely while I’m
gone, you know how dry hostel is on
weekends and that’s the only place that can
assure me that you’ll be fine without me.

I’ll give him a call because I know how
stubborn you can be sometimes”.

“Please don’t call him, at least I have a
room to myself at home, it’s just that this
the place will be empty without you, but I’ll be

“I’m calling him, watch me” she took her
phone and put a call through to him.

She called Olamilekan and told him about
her grandma and trip to ogbomoso. “Please
come pick her up on Friday evening,
because I’m sure my stubborn friend won’t
come on her own and that’s why I’m calling
you personally” She said and ended the

I thanked her for planning my weekend for
me without my consent.

In the evening, I was busy preparing dinner
and gisting with Tinuke while she on the
another hand lay on the bed. We were
discussing the fight that happened in
the class that day between two girls that fought
over a guy, inside the lecture theater.

“That reminds me. Anike, have you guys
talked about s-x?”
“I’m serious o, you guys need to make decisions on what you want in this relationship”. “Please just stop, I can’t believe we are having this conversation. I’m not a baby,
spare me the lectures”.

“You are a baby because you are new in
this game. I’m a year older than you and I
still, have experience than you, this is the
first relationship both of you are having, so
shut up and listen.

First, both of you have to know your HIV
status, then in order to avoid unwanted
pregnancy, you have to use protection. Now
as your friend I’m asking, what do you

“Tinuke, honestly, I want to remain a virgin till I get married. I just wish we are on the same page”.

“It takes two to tango you know, hence the
reason to talk about it and remember you
are spending the weekend at his place”
“We’ll talk about it, thank you. Counsellor Tinuke”

“You are welcome” she winked at me.

Lectures end by 12 pm on Fridays, we
headed straight to the hostel after lectures.
Tinuke pack some few things for her
journey, I saw her off to the park, I waited
for the bus to move before I left the park.
I got back to the hostel and most of the
rooms were locked.

By 4 pm, the hostel was almost empty,
especially the rooms in our wing.

I thought about everything Tinuke said and it got me scared. Maybe I should just stay in the hostel, I’ll survive” I said trying to
encourage me.

Olamilekan called me later around 6pm, he
said he’ll be in the hostel in 20mins. I told him not to bother but he said he had already promised Tinuke.

I packed everything I knew I’d need for the weekend, Olamilekan came by to pick me. I was already set, he grabs the bag and felt the weight.

“If I may ask, why is this bag heavy Anike?
it’s just two days”
“I know, it’s just that I packed everything I’ll
need along with me”
“Like what ma?” he asked with sarcasm
“My personal things including some fast
“What?” he shouted placing his hand on his
“ I’m sorry I only took beverages, cereal
and noodles”
“Jesus! Anike”

Olamilekan sank into the bed and turned
the standing fan to face him, because of he
suddenly started sweating.

“Please hold on a sec, I think I need some

“Why are u sweating all of a sudden, is it
because of what I said?”

“Anike! Please just keep quiet, I don’t want
to raise my voice at you” he paused for a
bit then continued.

I have never been humiliated like this all
my life, you packed foodstuff? You know
I’m still trying hard to comprehend this”
“I’m sorry, if you don’t like it, I don’t want
to inconvenient you, I don’t like been a
the burden to people….”
“Anike! Stop talking”
“I can see you are angry, I’ll leave them
“You will leave everything behind, “ he said
“What! Including my clothes too” I said
trying to pick my clothes from the bag. You
know what I’m not going again”
“Fine, then stay because if you are coming
with me then you are not taking anything
with you and I mean it, imagine you even
pack your cover clothes, you are just so
unbelievable. I doubt if I can put up with
this your childish attitude ” he said throwing
his hands into the air.

That was the first time we argued,
Olamilekan was really pissed off, I looked into his eyes, and saw that part of him I never saw before and it’s not nice at all. I
had to change my mind. He left the room and I followed after him after locking the door.

Inside the car, I was thinking of how I’ll
spend two days with him without clothes, or
did he expect me to wear his clothes? I
looked up and realized he was taking
another route.

“Olamilekan, this is not the way to your
house” I said breaking the silence.

“Of course, I know the way to my house”
“It’s like you are still angry,” I said and he
didn’t say a word.

He parked in front of a shopping mall; he
alighted from the car, went to the other
side of the car and opened the car door for
me. He held my hand still not smiling and
led me into the mall.

“Pick everything thing you need for the
weekend” he ordered
“Must you do this?” I asked

“Yes, since you think I’m not capable to
host you for two days, then I think it’s high
the time I flaunt my riches, so start shopping,
girlfriend” he commanded and I obeyed.

When I was through, he paid via POS and went straight to the car. I followed him back to the car.

“The only thing you can’t get in my room is
a lady wears” he said and drove off.

That was the only statement he altered throughout the drive. And that silence made me boiled within me.


Olamilekan helped me carried my things from the car into the room, we got back around 7:30 pm. From the mall down to his lodge, none of us talked to each other. I called Tinuke to ask after her journey.

“I’m missing you already,” I said to her
while we were talking on the phone.

“Don’t miss me too much, don’t worry your boyfriend will fill in for me”. Little did she know that we are not on good terms.

We talk briefly before ending the call.

“What do you want for dinner?” he asked

“Nothing” I replied“Anike for the love of God, why are you
making a mountain out of a molehill”

“I said I don’t want anything, in fact, I want
to go back to the hostel” I busted into

Olamilekan was sad when he saw me
crying, he quickly rushed to my side to
comfort me.

“Anike mi, please stop crying”

“Let me cry, you refused to talk to me, if
you are still angry with me, then let me

“I’m not angry at you to believe me, though I
don’t like what happened earlier, I just
gave you the piece of my mind and it has
ended right there in your room”

I stopped crying because of what he said.

He asked what I wanted for dinner but I
told him I was not hungry that all I want is good sleep. I slept without taking dinner.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I
checked the time and to my surprise its
1:00 am, I recollected everything that happened that night. Unknown to me
Olamilekan was awake too. I woke up hungry so I told him I was hungry. He went into the kitchen and made noodles for me.

After eating, I went back to sleep. I woke
up early that Saturday morning because of
the physics practical class I have by 9 am. I
was about to enter the bathroom to take
my bath, when he called out.

“There is a towel, toothbrush, and toiletries in
the bathroom and they are all new”

“Thanks, I’m using yours except you don’t
like the idea” I said teasingly.

“Really! Are you sure?”

“Except your toothbrush,” I said smiling.
“Come here,” he said pulling me into an embrace. My Anike is growing 
“So I’m a baby right “up”.

I showered and joined him in the kitchen,
He already boiled yam, and I fried the egg.
I served the food. “We are eating together”
I told him.
“Yes ma,” he said.

After breakfast, I left for my practical class

I came back around 4 pm, I met him watching a football match. Guys can bore you with their weekend football matches.

“Welcome, how was the practical class?” he
asked, his eyes fixed on the game.

“A bit stressful, I had to fill in for Tinuke
too, but it’s fine”
“Do you mind us going out later, I don’t
want to bore you here with football”
“Let’s stay indoors, you can continue with
your match. I’ll freshen up and join you

Later in the night, we were about to sleep,
then I remembered the issues I want to
discuss with Olamilekan.

“Olamilekan, Are you sleeping already?” I
asked to be sure since his eyes were closed.

“No, you need something?”
“Not really, there’s an issue I’d like us to
discuss” Olamilekan sat up.

“What issue? I cleared my throat.
“I want us to discuss s-x as regarding
this relationship”

He smiled. “Anike, for the record, this is not
you talking, that’s your friend talking”

“And how do you know that?”

“Trust me I sure know what Tinuke is
capable of saying”

Anyways, He was right. I told him I want to keep my virginity till I get married and he agreed. I was happy and I counted myself lucky to have that kind of a guy.

I returned to the hostel on Sunday, I had
already called my friend and she informed
me that she’s on her way. I tidy up the
room and did some washing, I also cooked
for my friend, so she could eat something
when she comes back.

“Welcome,” I said and help her with her

“How was your journey?”
“Fine, I bless God”
“And the burial?”
“It went well, all thanks to God”
Tinuke called her parent and boyfriend to let them know she has gotten to school. She showered and went straight to sleep. I
persuaded her to eat before sleeping but to avail. She woke up after two hours, now she looked refreshed.

“Can I serve you food now?” I asked
“Not now, maybe later, thanks. So how did your weekend go with Olamilekan, please I
don’t mind hearing details” she said teasingly. I downloaded the movie that played during the weekend between my boyfriend and me…

To be continued… 

Story by  Toyin Taiwo

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