True Story ANIKE: (EPISODE 36&37)


Jedidiah and I got along well. He’s still on holiday, I keep his company when he is doing his chores around the house. We hang out a lot this days. I do take him along with me whenever I’m going out, we do shopping together, salon, cinema, hair. He even accompanied me to my mum’s place once.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked him while we are taking lunch.
“No, I don’t have one” he replied.
“At 27? Why? You don’t look like a player to me or are you?”
“Far from it.”
“Why? you are handsome, you would fit into any Lady’s specs” I said.
“Specs you say, who dates a broke guy, you should have seen me before I met Doc Tinuke. And the little I have now has been planned, spending it on a girl is obviously not part of the plan. I need to plan my life. I can’t live off her all my life” he explained.
“I understand and I’m glad you have a vision, may all your dreams come through.”
“My turn” he said.
“What turn?”
“I’m I free to ask you a question?”
“Really! So it’s a question for a question, anyway feel free to ask” I said smiling.
“First of all, thank you for being a friend, I wonder how I would have survive alone is this house during this holiday” he said.
“We are keeping each other’s company I would have been bored if you’re not here.”

“Yea, back to my question. You don’t work but yet you spend so much. I see the way you spend when we go for shopping, the last time we went out you spend close to # 400k , you also gave me
# 50k that very day. You used the most expensive things, Your car your phones even, You use to buy up to #30,000 recharge card for calls and data in a week.”
I smiled. “I don’t work, although I worked for some months before I resigned last month. And for the way I spend, let’s just say is God’s blessing” I said.
“Now you are lying to me, I thought we are friends. You even stopped me from being formal too you. We are friends.”
“Then tell me how, are you into runs?”
“No I’m not but I have a rich man I’m dating.”
“Young rich man?”
“No, he’s way older.”
“Do you want to judge me?”
“I’m not judging you, you are too good to be involve in jobs like that.”
“Do you want to hear my story?” I asked.
“I’m all ears” he replied.
“I’ve never shared my story with any friend before except Tinuke. I know so many wished to know the source of my money, but I never talked to anyone about it.”
“I met a man at the darkest hour of my life………..” I narated everything to him.
He heard the story of my life and appreciated the fact that I open up to him. He asked for my decision and I told him what I already told Tinuke the previous night. His countenance fell when I told him my decision.
“Jedidiah, don’t be sad for me. He’s a good man, it’s just the age difference.”
“If you say, so. I wish you the best” he said.
I’ve decided to marry Prince. I don’t want to talk to him over the phone I’ll go to Abuja the following week to give him the news.
[Great! That’s my Anike for you!]
Tinuke came back from work very early. I went to her room to ask how her day went.
“My day was fine” she replied with a blank face.
“What is it again, did you loose a patient today?”
“No, far from it.”
“So what’s with this face?”
“Anike, I need to tell you something you may hate me right now. But God knows I’ve always wanted to tell you.”
“Remember I told you I met Olamilekan in US.”
“Yes you did.”
“We started hanging around and we became close.”
“What’s wrong with being close?”
“Do you also remember, I ask you one time, if you can still get back with him if he comes back to Nigeria?”
“And I said if God wants it, then it will be. What are you driving at Tinuke?”
“Anike, Olamilekan is the guy I told you about!”
“I still don’t get you?”
“We are engaged!”
“Olamilekan is your fiance?”
“Anike, I’m sorry. I would have gotten myself any other guy apart from him. But he was the only supporting guy around me as at that time. He was there for me in days of troubles, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.”
I laughed. Olamilekan was there for you Tinuke and I had no one when I….was in trouble.”
“You know what I always thought if you two are still in my life, that maybe I won’t be in this position I’m in right now” I started crying. “Do you know how long he took me before I could get over you two when you left?”
“Anike just forgive us, I should have asked you directly.”
“No wonder you have no pictures of him on your phone, and you never allow me speak to him, now I get it” I said.
“I carry the guilt every day, since the relationship started. He said I should inform you from the beginning, but I kept on postponing it.”
“Why are you telling me now?”
“There’s no way I wouldn’t tell you, it’s just hard to say.”
“So you guys discussed me during your pillow talk, right?”
“I swear with my life Anike, he knows nothing about Prince Alawode.”
“Tinuke please don’t spoon feed me, I can eat it by myself.”
“Anike he’s my fiance and you are my best friend. Do you think I could do that to you?”
“I believe you, congratulations to both of you” I wiped away my tears and turned to leave.
“Anike!” She called out.
I turned back. “You have my blessings. My heart belongs to someone else” I smiled and left the room.
That week was not too good for me. I believe Olamilekan wasn’t meant for me, maybe that’s the reason why things turn out this way. I remembered the good old days when I was with him, and a tear drop from my eyes. Like I said, I wish them well, Tinuke is lucky to have him.
He later called me and we talked, he apologized for keeping the relationship from me. I told him it’s fine.
Tinuke was happy when I finally made up with her, the house became lively again.
Some days later, Sunday morning to be specific. Tinuke woke me up and told me to start preparing for church.
“Get out of bed, sleep head, we are running late” She said and removed the duvet covering my body.
“Good morning to you too” I sat up.
“Are you still travelling tomorrow?
“Yes, I’m travelling to Abuja tomorrow, missing me already?”
“Of cource I’ll miss you, Prince will be so happy” she said.
“I can imagine. Why I’m I feeling nauseous this morning?” I was actually asking myself.
“Are you sick?” She asked touching my forehead with the back of her palm.
“No, I’m not……
I rushed into the bathroom to throw up. She came to my aid, she held me and patted my back while vomiting. In less than two minutes, I throw up again.
“Let me get a stereoscope” she came back with it and examine me.
“You look pale, are you feeling dizzy?”
“Right now, yes” I replied.
“When last did you menstrate?” she asked and I told her.
“When last do you have sex” I told her.
“There is 80% possibility that you are pregnant.”
“I can’t be pregnant, I’m on pills.”
“Some pills are not that effective.”
“I’m been using this for four years now, and it’s effective.”
“What’s the name of the drug?” she asked and I gave her the name.
“You are right it’s one of the effective ones.”
“So I can’t be pregnant.”
“You need a test to be sure. I have a pregnancy test strip in the house, let me get one for you.”
“You have one in the house?”
“I’m a doctor!” she left the room and came back with the PT strip.
“Go to the bathroom and pee on the stick” She ordered. I took it from her and went into the bathroom.
“Tinuke!” I called out and walked out of the bathroom.
“What is it?”
“I’m pregnant!”
“Congratulations! I don’t plan on having a child outside wedlock. What baffles me is that I never missed the pills, so what went wrong?”
“Let me see the pills.”
I brought it out of the drawer and gave it to her. She opened the container and smell it. Then she brought one out.
“What’s with the face?”
“Don’t give me that, I saw the look on your face just now.”
“Well, the pills smells like hematinic.
“What are you implying?”
“I’m not too sure, I’ll take it to the lab to be sure.”
She took one of the pills and put it in a small plastic bag. She wrote a note on a paper and attached it to the plastic bag.
She opened the door and called Jedidiah who answered her call immediately.
“Please take this to the hospital’s lab. Just give it to the lab scientist. He knows what to do” she handed the small plastic bag to him. “And please be fast about it, so you won’t be late for church” she added.
“Yes doc” he said.
“Take my car” I told him.
We came back from church. Tinuke called the lab scientist, he said the result will be ready by 7pm. The man said he’s shift ends in the afternoon. But he will tell the lab technician on night shift to call her and give her the results.
Some minutes after 7pm, Tinuke received a call from the lab technician.
“Ma the drugs contains thiamine, riboflavin, niacin/niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, and pantothenic acid” he informed.
“That’s Vitamin B complex.”
“Yes ma.”
“Thank you very much, I’ll collect the paper work tomorrow, Good night” she said and ended the call.
“Bco!” I stood up and pacing up and down the room.
“Who could have changed the drugs?” She asked.
“Who else, it’s Prince of course. I need a lab result that confirms I’m pregnant” I said.
“You’ll come to the hospital for another test.”
“I can’t believe Prince tricked me to get me pregnant. I’m getting rid of this pregnancy and for the marriage, I’m no longer interested” I stated.
“Don’t talk like that, I’m not saying what he did was right, but you should know he did this because he wants to be with you. As for me, I advice you keep this baby, the father wants it.”
“He asked me, I said no. He changed the drugs so I could get pregnant. And you want me to applaud him.”
“Stop being dramatic, you’ve already decided to marry him, pregnancy shouldn’t change that. You should be thinking on how to plan your small wedding now and not doing this.”
“And I said no.”
“Anike, you need to work on this your temper. Do you know how many ladies will kill to have something like this?”
“I’m not some ladies, why are you talking like this he got me pregnant without my consent.”
“Anike, Ladies do this things for money, they would have held Prince down with pregnancy since, if they are in your shoe. Marry him and accept your fate. You love him and your mum who could stop you also support you. Stop this childishness, please….”
“Whose side are you on?”
“I’m not anyone’s side, just do the right thing” she said and left me all alone….


Question: Suspense unraveling progressively.
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On Monday morning, I went to the hospital with Tinuke. I had another test and I was given the result. I went to her office, she had the drug test result with her already. She handed it over to me while I showed her the pregnancy test result.

“You are 8weeks pregnant. Must you travel for this while can’t you just talk to him over the phone. It’s not even good for your condition” she adviced.

“Have you forgotten he has explanation to give.”

“Please take things easy with him when you get to Abuja.”

“I just want to see his face when he denied that he has no hands in all this.”

“Let me get one of the hospital drivers to take you to the airport.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take a cab.”
I got to Abuja and called Prince’s PA.

“I’m at the airport, where is Prince presently?” I asked.

“At the office” he replied.

“Ok, please send a driver over to take me to his office.”
I got to the office and walked pass the secretary, I just greeted her briefly.

“Ma… good morning ma, please he’s in a meeting.”

“Do I look like a care, I’m going in and don’t try to stop me.”

She tried to block me. “You can’t go in ma, it’s an important meeting.”

“Ok, watch me” I brushed pass her and opened the door.
He was having a meeting with some high naval officers, but I care less.
I stood in front of him fuming with anger.


“If you’ll excuse me, we’ll continue this meeting later” he said and they all left and of course with some questioning look and like I said I don’t give a damn.
The secretary came in. “I’m sorry sir, I tried to stop her.”
“Just leave” he snapped at her.

“And you! Why did you choose to behave like a spoilt brat?”

“Since the day I discovered you change my pills into Bco.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the crap, no need to deny I have proof” I throw the drug result on the table. He picks it up and read.

“Hold on” I threw another paper on his table. He looked through it, his eyes widened and he smiled.

“You are pregnant” he walked up to me smiling but I gave him a 7stars slap.
“What was that for” he said holding his cheeks.

“For fooling me and for fooling yourself, you think I will keep this baby?”

“You never strike me. You’re a self centered person Anike.”

“Prince I’d like it if you don’t refer to me as being selfish and unreasonable and I’ll also try as much as possible to refrain for calling you a manipulator, controller and deceptive.”

“ Fine!”

“I’m not keeping this pregnancy. I’m going to abort it” I took my bag from where I dumped it earlier.

“Anike wait, let me explain…”
I was already on my way out before he could complete his sentence.

“Don’t touch that pregnancy, don’t do what you’ll later regret” he said.

I opened the door and stormed out of his office.

I returned to Lagos that very day and put off my phone and it will remained like that for days. Prince was really driving me crazy. Tinuke came back from work and ask if I’ve mend things with Prince.

“I’m not mending anything with him” I told her.

“So you’re still bent on terminating the pregnancy? She asked.
“Yes, can you please help me out.”

“With what? She said pretending as if she doesn’t knows what I’m talking about.

“The evacuation nau…”
“God forbid! Never will I carry out the procedure. That’s suppose to be my God child for Christ sake.”
“Hold your peace, God mother Theresa. I’ll use another hospital.”
The next day, I went to another hospital. The doctor who attended to me said he has to run some test before considering having the evacuation. I went to the hospital lab and they took my blood sample. The doctor told me to come back the following day that the result will be ready by then.
The next day, I was already sitting opposite the doctor by 8am.

“Your results are out, but I need to enlighten you on some things and give my professional advice. Then you can decide what you want on your own” said the doctor.

“Alright Doctor, go ahead.”

“Firstly, we discovered some contraceptive drug residue in your blood. For how long I’ve you been on it?”

”For more than three years now” I replied.
“The pills had reduced your fertility. Although this is a rare case, but it does happen to some women when they take contraceptive pills over a long period of time.”
“Fertility in what sense?”
“What I’m trying to say is that your chances of getting pregnant again is very slim, like….20%. Terminating this pregnancy will ruin your chances of ever becoming a mother. Miss Anike you may not have children of your own in the future” he explained.

“I’m finished, what have I gotten myself into” I started crying.

“Take it easy, I know it’s not good news but all hope is not lost since you are with a child already.”
“Doctor you won’t understand.”

“Make me.”

“It’s complicated” I said with tears flowing running down my face.

“Except the father of the child doesn’t want it and he doesn’t have to. From your look, I don’t think money is an issue here. Have the baby and take the responsibilities, the baby can bear your father’s name.

“Doctor, the father wants the baby and also want me to marry him. He tricked me doctor, he changed my pills and got me pregnant without my consent.”

“You should be grateful that he changed the drug, if you had continue the drug for another six months, you would have ended up barren.”


“He did you a great favor, but what I don’t understand is why you don’t want to marry him.”

“He’s old enough to be my father.”

“But you were sleeping with him!”

“It’s a long story.”

“Just pull yourself together and concentrate on how to deliver this baby safely.

That’s the most important thing to do for now.”

“Thank you doctor, I really appreciate your concern.

“I’m doing my job, you can come back and register for ante natal.”

“Ok, thank you doctor, God bless you.” I thanked him and left the office.

I entered my car and wept for my life. I just pray I deliver this baby safely. Prince will have three children and I’ll have just one. The thought of having a child all through my life made me cry the more.


I got back home and locked myself in my room all day. Jedidiah tried to make me open the door but I didn’t open up. I was in the room brooding.

Tinuke came back from work and opened the door with the spare key.

“Do you want to kill yourself, I was told you’ve not eating anything since morning.”

I didn’t answer her, I was just looking at her.

“How far with the hospital you went to, have you succeeded with your plan?”

I started crying again I told her my new found discovery.

“Jesus Christ! Thank God you met a competent doctor, what if he had perform the procedure without carrying out those tests?”

“My life would have been ruined competely Tinuke.”

“Anike, Prince did you a favor while you take it for bad.

Anike, I congratulate you, God really loves you.”

“He really loves me, if not I would have remained barren for the rest of my life” I added.

“Now, let’s get you something to eat” she said.
She told Jedidiah to prepare something for me to eat. He came in with a tray of Rice and chicken stew an hour later. I couldn’t eat, I lost my appetite, so he offered to feed me and I agreed.

Jedidiah was the caring type I know his wife will enjoy him and I wouldn’t mind to be his wife but that dream of marrying a young handsome man is no more.

Tinuke walked in on us and saw him feeding me.

“Why are you feeding her, he asked yanking the spoon from him.

“I’m sorry, I felt she would eat better if she’s being fed” he said with an apologetic face.

Tinuke, I couldn’t eat so I ask him to feed me” I said trying to defend him.

“Why can’t you call me, I’m right next to your room.”

“You just came back from work Tinuke.”

“Meet me outside, I’ll like to have a word with you” she said facing Jedidiah. She left the room and Jedidiah followed.

I stood up immediately they left the room to eavesdrop on them.

“Jedidiah I see how you look at my friend. I know you have feeling for her but have this at the back of your mind that you can’t have her. She may not be carrying a wedding band, but she’s another man’s property. In your best interest, I advice you stay away from her. Did you get that?”

“Yes Doc.”

“Don’t make her fall in love with you. “I advice you stay away from her.”

“Doc, although she’s not aware of my feelings but I really love her, I know she has someone, but I just want to be by her side.”

“Did you listen to yourself, you are in love with a woman carrying another man’s child.

You’ll just get your heart broken, I mean shattered into pieces, Anike will never love you like he loves his man. I’m protecting the both of you here.”

“I’ve heard you doc.”

“Let me repeat myself, Jedidiah stay away from Anike.”

“Yes doc” he replied and bow.

I quickly lie down on the bed when I saw her coming. I realized why Jedidiah was so close to me, he’s in love with me. It’s a pity I can’t love him back.


The next morning, Tinuke came to my room and told me I have a visitor.

“By this time. Who is it” I asked.

“You’ll find out when you get to the sitting room. I was still on my pjamas but I followed her.

“Prince!” I called out wondering how he found me.
“Good morning Anike.”

“What are you doing here, how do you know this place?”

“Don’t worry about that, you know I’ll always find you” He faced Tinuke. “Thank you for taking care of her, Tinuke, the medical doctor right?”

“Yes sir, welcome sir..”

“I’ve heard so much about you” Prince said.

“Same here sir, please make yourself comfortable” she was going to leave the sitting room but Prince ask her to stay back.

“She’s getting late for work” I said.

“No problem Anike, I’ll stay.” We all settled down to listen to Prince who said he had something to tell us.

“First, I’ll like to apologize to Anike for what I did” he said.

“Apologize for trying to ruin me!” I said bluntly.

“You know I won’t do such a thing, I have my reasons for every step I took” He continued talking.

“Some months ago, I got a call from my personal doctor, Doctor Edward. He’s her doctor as well” he said pointing to me.

Tinuke and I adjusted on our seats. I was eager to hear what Prince had to say, same with her. He continued.

“We do go for medical check up monthly, so the doctor gave me a call after the check up. He told me he discover some residues in Anike’s blood stream.
(Tinuke and I looked at each other) He said the residues are from the contraceptive pills she takes and if she didn’t stop using them, she may end up infertile.

I was really scared when I got the news, in fact I almost sued the doctor because he’s the one who prescribed the drug in the first place. But later I got to know cases like that do happen.

Days later when I was calm, I called him and told him I couldn’t bring myself to look Anike in the eye and tell her she had little chance of getting pregnant because of the drug I made her use.

Then I told the doctor to change the drug, since you already told me you want to go collect the drugs from Doctor Edward the following week that you’ll soon run out of the one you have.

So he change it to something that’s not harmful to the body.”

“Bcomplex” Tinuke and I chorused.

Anike, you can’t abort the pregnancy.

He continued. That was the reason why I told Anike to move into the house so we could have a higher chances of her getting pregnant.

When she refused to move in with me, I devised another means. I told her I wanted a baby. I was just trying to prepare her mind that baby is coming” he explained.

“And you are just telling me now, what if I’ve done the abortion?”

“How am I suppose to reach you, you switched off your phones. Do you even know what I went through to locate this place!”

“I almost had the abortion, it was the doctor who told me about the fertility issue. That was why I didn’t go through with it anymore.

“In just three days? did you hate me that much that you wanted to have my baby out of you. You came to Abuja 3days ago. Anyways that’s not the issue now, thank God you didn’t abort it.”

“Prince Alawode, there’s something you don’t know. Anike had already made up her mind to marry you even before she found out she was pregnant” said Tinuke.

“She was actually coming to Abuja that very Monday to give you the good news, but she found out about the pregnancy on Sunday.”

“Come my princess, I always knew you’ll come back to me, I’m sorry for making your life like this, but everything I did was out of love” he said and hugged me.”

I inhaled his perfumed and it triggered me to vomit. And poo! Before I knew it, I threw up on his body before I could refrain from the hug.

“Welcome back to fatherhood” Tinuke said playfully.

“After twenty something years” he added and smiled. Looking at the mess on his clothes.

“Prince I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK, just show me the bathroom.”

I took him to my room and he wash up in the bathroom.
He came out and sat on the bed while I went in to brush my teeth.

I came out and sat with him while he’s busy staring at me.

“So what next?” I asked.

“Let’s have a small court wedding” he replied.

“I’ll inform my mum and get back at you.”

“Let’s go back to Abuja together, move in with me, then we can both nurture the pregnancy together.”

“No I’m, fine here, I’ll move in after the wedding.”

“If that’s what you want” He slipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a small box. He opened it, it’s an engagement ring.

“Marry me Anike Adams and become Anike Adams Alawode!”

He made to kneel but I stopped him by pulling him up.

“That sounds nice AAA” I smiled.

“Will you?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you!” I replied and he kissed me.

“Congratulations!” We heard Tinukes voice.

“Thank you” We both replied her.

I went to see my Mum. I told her about the pregnancy and my decision to marry Prince. The next week Prince came to Lagos and he and my mum met one on one. There we started making plans for the wedding.

Olamilekan came back from the state. They held a welcome party for him but I did not attend. We met later at Tinukes place. We chatted briefly before he left. I don’t love him anymore, but I don’t think I’ll be free with him like before.
I decided to go back home to my family at least let me enjoy the comfort of my own home before moving to Abuja permanently.

Prince took me to his home town to see his father, Oba Adepoju Alawode III. We were given a warm reception in the palace. I thought his Father would frown at my age. But then he introduced his father’s last wife, it’s either we are age mate or I’m older than her. She’s fair and beautiful. I was like so marrying young girls runs in the family. Although I heard they give those young ladies as gifts to Oba. This particular lady is the high chief’s daughter. We spent two days at the palace.

He informed his children about the wedding and they promise to come home.
Before the wedding, Prince and I rededicated our lives to God.

To be Continued…

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