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True Story Anike: (Episode 34&35)

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Anike: Episode 34
I opened my eyes and found myself in a room
sitting on a chair, my hands were not tied
though. I looked around and saw one of the
hefty men.

“Who are you, what do you want from me? I
asked and no one answered me.
He brought out a phone from his pocket and
dialed a number.

“Boss we have her and she’s awake” He put the
call on speaker.

“Anike Adams!” I heard the monster’s voice. It
was Odigwe. “Thanks for making my work easy,
have been tailing you for the past one week

“Coward, you are a coward. Why can’t you fight
him man to man. Instead you want to use me as a bait to get to him” I said.

“You are wrong Anike, this is how a real man
fight. Find the enemy’s weakness and use it
against them. Anyways your lover has three
days to give up the post or I’ll kill you”

“Even if you kill me, you won’t get that post,
you think the federal government will appoint
you when they know you killed someone to take
the post”

“You think so, let’s see if your old lover will
choose you over the position. Anyway enjoy
your stay and make your self comfortable”
He laughed.

“Get me out of here this minute”
He ignored me “Sniper”

“Yes Boss”

“Take a picture of her and send it to me, I’ll
forward it to Alawode”

“Yes boss” he said and hung up, He snapped me and send it. Some minutes later he called back.

“The guy picked the call and put it on speaker.

“Anike! Someone who’d like to speak with you”
He said and I heard his voice. I couldn’t help but

“Anike are you OK, did they hurt you” I was just
crying the more.

“ I promise, I’ll get you out of there my
princess” He said and the line went off.

The second day, sniper told me Alawode is not

“Instead of him to cooperate, he’s busy looking
for ways to get you out of here, instead of him
to step down. He can’t find you, he cant find
my boss as well” he said.

On the third day, Odigwe called sniper.

“Hello” he said and put it in speaker, I guesses
he told him to do so”

“Congratulations, I heard the monster’s voice.

Your Man really loves you, you are lucky girl
having someone like Alawode in your life. He
just called a Press conference now, he has
stepped down” He said sounding victorious.

“You bastard, I assure you, you won’t get away
with th…..” Sniper slapped me hard on the cheek
before I finished my statement. He placed the
phone on his ear, it’s no more on speaker. They
talked for for minutes before ending the call.

He covered my face with a hood, I was led out
into a vehicle. They dumped me at no where in
particular and zoomed off.

I removed the wood, I was in the middle of
nowhere. I saw my phone beside me on the
floor. It was off so I put it on. I dialed Prince’s number.

“Anike! Where are you, are you OK?”

I’m in the middle of nowhere, no vehicles, no
sign posts, nothing” I said

“Logistics team are here, don’t disconnect, just
stay on the line while they trace this call, hope
you have enough charge on your phone”?”

“Let me check” I checked it. “34%”

“That should be enough”

“What about airtime?”

Last time checked I still have 20 something
thousand naira call card” I informed.

“Good, How long will it take, he asked the
logistics team?” He asked the logistics team.

“The reception there is very poor, it will make
the trace slower. Let’s say 30mins”

“30min is much, can’t you do better. Anike
please hold on I’ll get you out of there”

“25mins later, I heard the voice of one of the
logistics. “ Sir the signal is weak, making it hard
to trace”

“Gosh, what do you suggest we do” he asked

“She should move around, so we could get
where we can have a strong signal”

“Anike! He called out. I heard them, I replied
him and started moving.

Before I could take three steps, the line went off.

The sun was scotching the hell out of me, I’m
thirty and feeling dehydrated already.

I moved around searching for signal.
Then I saw a big snake, I almost stepped on it
while searching for signal.

I ran, I couldn’t believe the distance I covered in
a minute, adrelanine at work.

By the time I stopped running under the hot sun, I tried to catch my breath. No tree where could take cover just bushes.

I checked the signal and I got a not too strong
one but better than before I called back. I was still panting

“What happened, why are you panting” Prince

“I saw a snake”

“Oh my God, are you ok?”


“The logistics says the signal there is better,
just maintain that position. Ok!”


“How long will it take?” Prince asked.

“We should be done in less than 30mins”

“But you said the signal is better”

“Better sir, not strong”

“Anike, just hold on a little. I love you, you
know that right”


“Remember the last time we were in Paris”

“I remember”

“Remember you thought me a dance, can’t
remember the name of the dance”

“Salsa dance” I cut in and I smiled faintly.

“Yes, salsa dance, I couldn’t get it of my head.
That was the first time we danced together.

“Yes and you learn very fast too” I said with a
broad smile.

“That moment is one of the moment I

“Me too,” I said and smiled for the first time in
three days.

He was using that to buy time. Till my location
is traced. And it really worked because I almost
forgot I was alone in that deserted area. He
succeded in distracting me.

“We have a location” I heard the voice of one of
the logistics crew.

“Good let’s move” He said. I heard footsteps
and all.

Few minutes later his voice came up, ” we are
coming for you Anike, I’ll bring you home”

“Prince, this place is scary”

“Just think of me and I’ll be there”. He said and
I heard I need an angel.

The song playing at the background. I sang
along quietly, moving my head slowly to the
rhythm of the song.

I’m sure the place is far from the city. An hour
and some minutes later. I saw his motorcade.
He alighted and ran towards me.

“My princess…..

“Prince…… I hugged him and cried I passed out but I still hear his voice shouting.

“Stay with me, Anike stay with him”

I did not wake up until I got to the hospital, my
clothes was wet. They add baptized me with
water on their way to the hospital.

A female doctor attended to me, I was place on IV fluids. She told Prince, I’m fine, that it’s just
dehydration and stress. She said that after taking the fluids. He placed me under 24 hours

Prince was with me all through, He said one of
his staff to get some food for us. He spent the
night at the hospital, no change of clothes,
nothing. He sat right next to me. Till daybreak.
The doctor examined me in the morning, said I’m very much OK. I was discharged. We left the
hospital for Prince’s house.

Admiral Odigwe was automatically given the post because his opponent, Prince stepped down. He back into the country two days later. But unknown to him, Prince in collaboration with the President had plans for him.

Odigwe names was forwarded to EFCC. EFCC
dug some dirt’s on him. At a particular year
when he was handling a post at the federal level he embezzled some money. He was arrested and probed and taken to court.

All evidences pointed to the fact that he was
guilty. He’s assets were seized, his account was
frozen. He was relieved of all his posts including the one he snatched from Prince this dubious means. He was sentenced to 7years

The appointment was given to someone else,
Prince rejected the offer. He said he’s longer

A week later, when I was very much okay, I
answered to Prince. There is an a Yoruba language that says

‘You first send the fox away before coming back
to the the fowl’

“Anike, we need to talk” he said authoritatively.
That voice was not nice and I know he wants to
talk about the kidnap.

“I’m sorry Prince. I’m sorry for everything I’ve
caused you especially the position” I said

“Position! You almost lost your life because of
your stubbornness.

“I’m sorry…..”

“I told you to stay back from work till everything
is over but you still insisted on going to work.
No, you didn’t leave this because of work
because you were kidnap on your way to the
airport. You plan to leave Abuja without my


“Hang it there. Do you know what would have
happened if I did not step down?”

“I know”

“No you don’t know. If you knew you won’t left
your exhorts behind. Odigwe would have killed
you without a trace or evidence. He was making
calls from outside the country and destroy the Sim immediately, hence he couldn’t be traced,
not to talk of the guys who held you hostage”

“I know I acted foolishly, I’m really sorry” I

He was so mad at me, I wondered how he
managed to control it for days.

I went to bed quietly that night. I decided to wait
till he calms down.

Episode 35

A month later, I got a call from Tinuke, my friend
in US. She’s coming back home finally. I was so
happy when she told me. That’s my one and only friend. She is now a successful surgeon and one of the competent doctors around. After pleas from friend and colleagues for her to stay back that fell on deaf ears, Tinuke came back to
Nigeria to practice. She got a job with a big
specialist hospital in Lagos own by whites.

Politicians and wealthy people patronize the
hospital because of there reliable services. She
met the owners abroad, since she’s Nigerian,
they approached her and gave the offer. She
thought it was the right thing to do, to come
back home and give back to the society.
She called me a day before her return and she
told me some of her plans once she arrived.

“That reminds, I remember you never liked
Lagos back then, so how will you cope with
your Lagos job” I asked Tinuke

“The offer is great, doctors won’t give it a
second thought before they grab the offer” she

“So you want to live in our Lagos now abi? I’ll
tell the Governor to send you back to where you
came from” I said playfully.

“Please o”

“Then prepare to bribe me. But seriously Lagos
is cool now” I informed.



“Alright, talk to you later. Bye” She hung up.

I travelled to Lagos for her welcome party.
Tinuke’s Parent too travel down to Lagos from
Abuja to welcome her back. The hospital gave
her a car, Toyota Aventis and a three bedroom
flat not too far from the hospital.

They also pays in dollar. Her employer told he
could also be part of the hospital share holders.
Although she planned on having her own hospital soon.

Tinuke called me some weeks after she settled
down to move in with her. I gave so many
excuses but she said she have no one in Lagos.
She has no friend except me.
I promised to join her soon.

It was an opportunity to free myself from Prince.

The only song he sings now is for me to have
his baby. Knowing fully well that he wants to use that to get me into marrying him, I told him I
can’t have his baby.

Four months later I decided to go to Lagos.
I told Prince that I want to move back to Lagos
for a while and he did not agree, so I left against
his wish. I resigned and moved to Tinuke’s

It was a happy reunion for us. The first day I
moved in, we did not sleep till day break, we
were gist all through. Although I always update
her about Prince and I. So she knows everything.

I really pity her because I don’t have a job while
she has to resumed work 8am.

A week later. She came back from the hospital,
she came to my room. We exchanged greetings
and we got talking about me.

“Tinuke when are you going to let go Prince
Alawode, except you plan on getting married to

“Get married to Prince! Tinuke I can’t”

“Then how long will you continue like this.
You’ve got everything you wanted from this
man. You have shopping complexes, you have
your own house here in Lagos plus the one he
gave you himself that you rented out. You ride
the latest cars, Your sister is now in the Navy,
Your younger brother in a Private university. So
what else do you need that you don’t have. You
are not getting younger sis, you have to decide
on what you want.

My phone rang, I checked the caller, it was
Prince. “He wants to know where I stay in
Lagos, he knew I wasn’t staying with my mum.
It rang again but I ignored it. “Pick his call now”
Tinuke said.

“I’ll call him back later”

“I think you should let him know what you want”
“He won’t let me go, I stop talking to him about
it. The last time I brought up the issue before I
left Abuja, he almost had a heart attack. We had
to rush him to the hospital.

“Really! Is it that bad”

“He even want me to have his child”

“I’m stucked, more reason why I moved in with
you. I really need a change of environment, I
need to breath. He doesn’t know where I’m
staying presently”

“So my place is your new hide out, no wonder
you agree to move in with me” she said
spanking me lightly.

“No, aside that you know how much I miss you
and at this time when I can’t even think straight,
I need a friend like you”

“I’ve heard you, any single young guy lurking
around?” She asked

“Hmmm…..yes, but sincerely I don’t give them
attention, again I can’t dabble into any
relationship except I end things with Prince”

“I know that man has really tried for you
especially in those dark hours when you have
no one to run to. I cant decide for you, infact
nobody can. You have to decide on what you
want. If you are not comfortable with his age,
then let go, he’ll get over you with time”.
“Sincerely, I don’t know how to make that
happen” I said with tears in my eyes.
“Anike, are you in love with him? Gosh!”
“To be honest with you, I do. I’ve been with him
for almost 4years now. I’m attached to
himphysically and emotionally, same with him. I
don’t want him to die an untimely death because
of me. I want to leave him and at the same time
I don’t want to hurt him, he has giving me
nothing but Joy. I don’t want to be selfish” I
said in tears.
I’ve met rich and young men but I’m still remain
faithful to him”
“Then marry him” She said
“I wish it’s that simple”
“It is well” She said holding my shoulders.
I excused myself to clean my face. I came back
and sat on the bed.
“Let’s talk about you, you said you are seeing
someone in US, hope the relationship is heading
towards marriage?” I asked her.
“Yes, he’s coming back to come and settle
down here as well. We’ll start our wedding
preparations once he’s back” she said.
“Good, at least I’ll be the chief Bride’s maid”
“That’s if you don’t get married before me”
“I can’t wait to meet him, but before then I’ll like
to speak with him, he needs to know I’m his
fiancee’s bestie, and give him my rules and
regulations because he must treat you well” I
said playfully.
“No problem, you guys will talk”
“Good” I said
My phone rang and it was Prince again. I picked
the call. He still wanted to know my where I’m
staying presently but I didn’t tell him
Tinuke woke me up one early morning before
going to work, I was still sleeping when she
came in.
“Good morning Sleeping beauty”
“Good morning, you are off to work already?”
“Yes, some of us still works” she said jokingly.
“I had a job too, I resigned”
“Whatever, my house keeper resumes work
today. If there’s anything you need just let him
know, especially this your laundry basket that is
full to the brim
“I was actually going to take them to for dry
cleaning today. Thank God she’s resuming
“It’s he… not she” she corrected.
“Your house keeper is male?, so you stay alone
with a guy in this house, you are not even
“I’m not scared because he’s a harmless guy.
Make sure undies is not there o”
“Tinuke you know I can’t do such things, my
undies are not dirty, I wash them everyday, just
my clothes”
“I know, but what I don’t know is when you
started keeping dirty clothes this much. There is
washing machine in the house but you choose
not to make use of it”
“I can’t remember the last time I did my laundry
“See what your luxury lifestyle has cost you, the
Anike I knew before is not lazy”
“Don’t blame me Prince spoilt me rotten”
“You can say that again, see you in the evening
and have a nice day” [/b]she said.
“You too sweetheart”
Tinuke came back in the evening. I noticed she
was moody.
“Welcome, how was your day?” I asked
“Not too good”
“I thought as much, why are you moody you left
this house lively”
“I lost a patient, he died right in the surgery
table. I tried to revive him by all means, but I
still lost him at the end”
“Its okay dear, I know you would have tried all
your possible best to save him, but who are we
to stop death when it comes knocking, please
cheer up.
“Thank you”
“You have this white doctors attitude to patient,
some of our doctors here don’t care much
about their patient. They won’t even flinch when
a patient die on there watch”
“Maybe they are not attached to their patient, If
you are attached to then, then you’ll care”
“That’s true, now let’s go and eat, food is
ready” I said
“I can see your laundry basket is empty” she
said pointing to the basket.
“Yes, all thanks to your house help, that guy is
really hard working o”
“Yes he is, I saw some money on the center
table, do you keep them there?”
“No, your house keeper did”
“So he’s so rich now that he dumps money
anywhere, good for him”
“Don’t mind him, I gave him #10,000 after
washing and ironing my clothes. I was
impressed with all the chores he did in the
house too. But he rejected the money, he said
he’s doing the job he’s
paid for. I refuse to collect it from him too, so
he dropped it on the table” I explained.
“That’s Jedidiah for you, that’s why I like him
he’s always contented with anything I give him”
“How much do you pay him monthly?”
“Okay, I shouldn’t be saying this but you are my
friend and now lives here. I met him in my new
church here in Lagos. I told my Pastor I needed
and house keeper and he told me there’s a
brother who lives in church that could use the
money. He’s a student and work at the same
time just to put body and soul together. So I
employed him. I pay for his school fees, he
goes to school from here so his
accommodation and feeding is covered.
He stayed on campus for his exams that’s why
you’ve not been seeing around until today. As
for salary, I can’t call it, salary let me just call it
pocket money. I give him #20,000 monthly” she
“That’s very kind of you, bringing a stranger
into your house. Society needs people like you.
I’m proud of you, I pray God will reward you”
“Amen and you too, because I know some
people would have benefitted and still
benefitting from you, I’m proud of you too”
“Let us not be weary in well doing, we will reap
the reward if we faint not”
“Yea, my friend still quotes scriptures” she said
“Of course I go to church, do I look like a
“I thought you won’t have time for God again”
“Why not”
“Anyways, let’s go and treat Jedediah’s Fork
up” she said with a broad smile on her face.
We both left my room to search for Jedidiah.
Jedidiah! She called out “meet me in the sitting
“Here am I” he said standing in front of her.
“Who kept this money here?”
“I did doc” he replied.
“You are so rich now that, your money now lie
“Its not mine actually…”
“Take it, don’t reject money, it’s for you hun!”
Tinuke cut in.
“Thank you ma, God bless you” he bowed facing
“You’re welcome” I replied
He turned to leave. “Are you doing something in
your room?”
“Not really”
“Sit with us then”
“I just want to give you some privacy”
“If we need privacy we’ll be in our room, so
free fee to sit and chat with us” Tinuke said.
He sat quietly with us, listening to our gist.
“I need a drink” I said
“Let me get it for you” he said
“Don’t worry, do you guys care for a drink too?”
I asked
“Yes we care” Tinuke answered.
I went to the kitchen and brought a pack of juice
with 3 glasses.
Later, we exchanged our good night greeting and
returned to our various rooms.

To be continued…

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