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True Story ANIKE: (EPISODE 30&31)

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My mum visited Abuja during my graduation alongside Okiki. Inside of me, I was hoping she didn’t get to meet or know who Prince is.

After the graduation ceremony, i was in the car my mum. I noticed her face was strong, when I was expecting her to be happy that I just graduated.

We got home, i hurriedly went into the bathroom. to shower so I could go and meet Prince who was waiting for me in a hotel room.

While I was in the bathroom, my phone have been ringing repeatedly, i knew it was from Prince so I quickly came out of the bathroom.

Lo and behold, my mum was in my room. She sat on the bed and I stood in front of her.

“You think I won’t found out” was the first thing she said.

“Mummy what do you know exactly?” I asked her.

“Enough to know who you want to go and meet, your man friend right? I saw him today in the hall. Admiral Gabriel Alawide. He sat beside the commissioner for education” she revealed.

“Jesus Christ!” I closed my eyes tight. “Mummy when did you find out?”

“I may not work when your father was alive, I may be a full time house wife, I may not be a career woman but you know I was not an illetrate.

As a sane mother, you don’t expect me to buy that crap of a story you sold to me that he is just a divine helper or God sent. So I hired a private investigator” she stood up and opened my wardrobe.

You hid his pictures here because I was coming right. She also opened her bag and brought out a brown envelop and a USB drive. She threw it on the bed. I picked it up and opened it. I brought out the contents, they were photos of Prince and I. I insert the USB into my laptop and I heard some of my phone conversations with Prince. So my lines was tapped. I opened my mouth in astonishment.
Of a truth nothing is hidden under heaven.

Tears were already flowing in my eyes. I knelt down in front of my mum who was also crying.

“I didn’t raise you like this, I never wanted any of my female children to end like this. My own mother raised me well, but I failed as a mum” She said sobbing.

“I’m sorry for dissapointing you Mummy.”

“You did not disappoint me, I failed you. If I stood up to my responsibility, you wouldn’t have found yourself in this position. You are dating, no you are sleeping with a man old enough to be your father all because I failed to provide for you.”

“Mummy don’t blame yourself for my transgressions. I did this to myself, nobody forced me into it. I made the decision.”

“Do you know my mistake? I shouldn’t have followed you to that house that very day. I should have stayed back in the church. Because this journey started that very day. I should have sent you back to return everything he gave you. But I behaved foolishly.”

“Mummy I’m sorry I did the wrong things for the right reasons, just forgive me.”
Adekemi joined us in the room and knelt down pleading with my mum with me.

“You knew all along?”

“Recently ma, during my recruitment into the navy” she answered her.

“And you never told me, all my children now keeps secrets from me.”

“We are sorry ma” we chorused.

Okiki entered the room. “What’s going on here why are you all crying?”

“It’s nothing, we just remembered your Daddy, you know a day like this couldn’t pass without remembering him.”

“You don’t have to cry, you should be thankful to God who sent us help if not we won’t be here today.”

“Thank you my dear, you can leave now, I’m having a conversation with your sisters” Mummy discharged her.

“Your phone as been ringing since inside your purse that is what I came to give you” he gave me my purse and left.

I brought out my phone to check the caller. Mum and I looked at each other. She cleaned her face with her wrapper.

“You can go, I’m sure he’s waiting for you. An adage says ‘A knife cut a child’s hand, you throw the knife away. Knife has already done what it wanted to do.”

I went into the bathroom washed my face. I picked the wine, my purse and car key and left.
I got to the hotel room, and I met David, the overall best student, he was already leaving. I think he came to thank Prince.

“Anike!” He was surprise to see me there. He gave me ‘so you know him look.’

“David, Hi and congratulations I’m really happy for you.

“Thanks” he replied. I hurriedly walk passed him.

“You two know each other? He asked.

“Yes, we do.” “OK, see you some other time.

“Thank you once again sir. I’ll talk to you later, miss” he bowed and left.

Prince pulled me into an embrace immediately he left.

“ Congratulations my princess!”
“Thank you.”

I kept the wine on a table. “Is that for me?” he asked.

“Yes”I replied and he thanked me.

He handed me a cheque of # 10M . “That’s your graduation gift” he said.

“This is big gift. Thank you!”

He noticed I wasn’t smiling.“ What’s the problem my princess?”

“My Mum knows about us” I said with a teary voice.

He gave me a bear hug. And the tears flowed the more.

“You told her?”

“No, she found out herself.”

“I’m sorry she found out this way. Maybe I should talk to her.”

“That wouldn’t be necessary.”

“Let me tell her my intensions.”

“What intention?” I told you I won’t marry you.

“I’m not talking about marriage here, I’m talking about the affair.”

“Anike please…not this night. In fact you need to leave so your Mum won’t be having some funny imaginations.”

“When are you leaving tomorrow? I asked.

“In the morning. I’ll go see the governor first before leaving for Abuja.”

“OK, have a safe trip.”

“I’ll be traveling next week, I won’t be back until three weeks time. I would have ask you to come with me but with the situation of things, I think you should lay low for now.”

“OK, good night and take care of youself.”

“I will, take care of yourself too” he said and kissed my forehead.

I came back to my apartment, my siblings while watching movies. I went to my room, my mum was lying down.

“Eku ile ma” I knelt down and greeted my mum. You dare not greet her standing even if you are the first lady.

“Kabo oko mi. So fast you didn’t even spend up to an hour” she said looking at the wall clock.

“Mummy!” Why is she teasing me.

“He’s same age with your father” she said.

“Mummy you don’t have to remind me that I’m having an affair with someone of his age. Mummy he’s a good man, he took care of me like his own blood.

The house you are living in presently is mine, I bought it myself, I have five shopping complex, three at Abuja and two in Lagos. I have two landed property in Ajah. I acquired all this from the money I got from him. Even the house you stayed before Lekki is now mine. He changed the ownership name to mine. I rented it out after you moved out. I changed cars every year, Mummy I can’t start counting all the things he had done for me. I’ll leave him but not now, I can’t just end things with him in a rush.”

“Who ask you to leave him, I never said that. After sleeping with him for three good years. What difference does it make. I have few questions to ask you, and I want honest answers.
… to be Continued.

Question: Hmmm! What can you say about their mother’s findings?

Episode 31

My mum adjusted on her seat.

“He’s divorced with two kids right?”

“Yes ma.”

“Why did he divorce his wife?”

“You know naval officers travels a lot, Earlier in his career, he use to travel for six months, sometimes they are on the ocean for one year straight without going home.

His wife started having an affair with his driver who lived in the house as at that time. He got to know about the affair. He confronted his wife who denied bluntly until he caught them red handed.

The driver ran away but came back years later claiming the three kids are his.They went for a DNA test but luckily for him, two of the kids are his while the third belongs to the driver. That was he reason why he divorced his wife, he couldn’t bring himself to trust her again” I informed her.

“Why didn’t he remarry?”

“Like I said he already had trust issues, so he made up his mind not to remarry but at some points he was lonely, he thought he needed someone…

“A sex tool” my mum cut in.
“Mummy I’m not his sex tool, if it’s about sex, he won’t be with me cos I’m not sex freaked. 

There are 1001 girls out there who are professor in bedmatics. He wants a companion and that’s why he sticks to me all this why” I stated.

“The private investigator said so, he said you are the only one he’s having an affair with” She continued.

“My observations are: one, he loves you, that’s obvious but do you love him or is it just about the money?”

“Mum as much as I hate to admit it, I love him” I replied.

“Okay, I remembered you had a friend back then, I met him in the house once. You said he travelled out or something. Did you get physical with him at any time before he left the country?” She asked.

“No ma” I said wondering why my mum decided to put me on a hot sit.

“Who deflowered you?”

“Mummy! I’m I on a hot sit or something?”

“Ehn, you can call a friend and ask. I said who deflowered you?”

“Prince Alawode.”

“My conclusion” She stood up.

“He loves you, you love him, he’s single though with kids, he transformed your life and to crown it all you gave him your virginity.

Here’s my advice, marry him Anike!”

“Mama Anike!”

“Let me have your phone” before I could act she had already snatched my phone from my hand.

“You are a child of God, it’s time you legalize your fornication” she said outrightly.

I don’t use to lock my phone, I never saw a need for it until today. Before I knew it my mum was already calling.

Who are you calling mum?”

“He gives me joy.”


“Hi princess” his voice came out from my phone, my mum put the call on speaker.

“Missing me already.”

“This is your princess’s mother on the line.”

“Good….evening ma….and congrats on Anike’s graduation” he said picking his words carefully.

“Thank you sir, congrats to you too. You are the messiah my daughter hid from me. Thanks for everything sir.”

“You don’t have to thank me, she’s with me and my responsibility is to take care of her.”

“Is Anike okay?”

“Yes she’s right here. My daughter never lied to me before and that was why I believed her from the beginning.

I’m sure she already told you, now that I know that you two are having an affair.”

“I’m sorry you found out this way but I never had any bad intensions towards your daughter. She’s a good girl and that’s why I kept her. The only thing I’m sorry about is dating a girl I’m old enough to father.”

“I know how helpful you’ve been to me and my family ever since you met Anike and I’ll forever be grateful.”

“It’s nothing ma, let’s just give all thanks to God.”

“What’s your plan for my daughter?”

“Ma!” I’m very sure he’s as shocked as I am.

“I mean now that she’s out of school.”

“Our initial arrangement was for her to be with me for some time. But to be sincere with you ma, along the line I became fond of her that I find it hard to let go. Is Anike still there with you?”

“Yes, she’s here.”

“I’ve been talking to her about marriage for some time now. She kept on complaining about age differences and all.”

“You guys should stop discussing my life as if I’m not here. Prince I said it before, I’m saying it again. I can’t marry you. I didn’t sign a marriage contract with you” I said firmly.

“Will you keep quiet” My mum snapped.

“Prince Alawode, now that I know your plan, You have my consent I’ll try and talk to her.”

“Mummy please don’t interfere, this is between us.”

“You two should sit down and start discussing marriage. You can make the wedding small and discreet” My mum chirp in.

“Mummy when I’m ready for marriage, I’ll get married.”

“Thank you ma, please help me talk to her” Prince said.

“Try harder too, I can’t force her to marry you, you have much work to do here.”

“OK ma, good night.”

“Good night” she said and ended the call.

“You! She said pointing at me, I’m sorry for you. You think you can get a young man abi, they will feel intimidated by your money. You think the guy won’t question your wealth and asked where about the source of your money. What work will you tell him you are doing?

Some will even eat your money and run. A man’s ego will never allow him marry a lady like you, who is rich and has everything. They will believe that you can’t be controlled.”

“Mummy, God will give me my own husband.”

“Amen, good night. I want to sleep.”

I left the room for her, cos I needed fresh air.
My mum and Okiki travelled back to Lagos the following day, Adekemi went back to her base. I joined them a week later when I was through in school. Prince’s PA helped me move my car and other things to Lagos.

Question: Finally, Mama has given her blessing, will Anike heed to her advice?

To be continued… 

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