True Story ANIKE : (Episode 10)

Admiral Gabriel Alawode transferred #400k into happy account ,she

transferred 200k into my account. I
started preparing for Friday, she took
me to the spa, fixed my hair, bought
makeup although I’m not the heavy
make up type, she forced me to buy
it. I also bought some clothes from her
boutique which she picked for me
herself. She even gave me a discount.

As I was packing on Friday morning, I
got a call from the president of my
school fellowship, we talked for a while
and he said we’ll see on Sunday to
continue the discussion. I told him, I
won’t be in church on Sunday, he asked
why and I told him I have a function to
attend, I lied. I ended the call.

It now dawn on me that I’m already
backsliding gradually, Sin will always
breeds more sin. You will always need a
lie to cover up another lie. I know I’m
about to embark on a journey that will
ruin my relationship with God.

I wonder how I’ll tell a man I slept with
over night that I’m going to church on
Sunday, I’m sure he’ll laugh me to

I wore a Turquoise blue Bodycon midi
gown and applied little make up. I
picked up my already packed bag, wore
a high heels sandal and left for the

My plane landed at exactly 5:45pm on
Friday. That was my first time in Abuja.
Happy did not have Admiral Alawode’s
personal number, so there was no one
to call except her, I was still looking
around, then my phone rang, it was

She told me to go to the parking lot,
that the driver is waiting for me, she
gave me the color of the car and plate

I located the car and tapped the
window, the driver whined down the

“Hi, I’m Anike, Admiral Alawode’s
guest” He unlocked the back door and I

I alighted and behold a mighty building,
the exterior was beautiful and perfect
and I wondered what the interior would
look like. All the staffs in the house are
all on navy uniform, the driver, gateman and the securities at each door post. I guess they are low rank officers.

I was ushered into the house by one of
the officers who offered me a sit and
told me to make myself comfortable.
I was told Admiral Alawode was not
around. The sitting room was oozing
wealth the chandelier hanging on the
room is heavenly. The Plasma TV can
serve in a cinema, I’ve never seen such
large screen before. Every thing in that
house smells money. I was offered a drink which I declined.

The chef also came out to ask what I’d
like to eat, I told him I was ok. I was
scared of been drugged. Too much of
Nollywood film, I thought.

I diverted my attention to the TV, just to
distract myself a little from my evil
thoughts and nervousness.

Few minutes to 7pm I heard sirens, the
owner of the house is back, my heart
almost jumped out of my mouth. All the
staffs inside were all on attention.

I was stunned when I saw him walked
into the house in his all white Navy
Uniform, I doubt if this man is 52 he
was looking so young, then I remembered money does magic. He’s damn handsome. He’s chocolate skin was so fresh and glowing. I doubt if he walks under the sun. I take a closer look at him, he could pass for one of our
handsome veteran Nollywood actor. I
wondered if they are in anyway related.
His voice brought me back to the
presence world.

“Hello young Lady”

“Good evening sir”

“Anike right?” I guessed Happy gave
him my name.

“Yes sir” I said not feeling too
comfortable around him.

He looked at me for some seconds.
From the look on his face I can’t judge
whether he likes me on not.

“How was your trip?” he asked

“It was fine sir” I replied with a little

“Nice to meet you, I’m Admiral Gabriel
Alawode” He extended his hand for a
handshake and I took it”

“The pleasure is mine sir”
“Do make your self comfortable, if you
need anything just tell any of them” he
said pointing to his men.

He called on one of his men. “Show her
to the guest room” he said and left
with one of the officers, who held like
four phones and a bag. I think that’s his
PA or he’s right hand man.

I was taken to the guest room, it was
tastefully furnished too, with sofa,
plasma TV like 32”. It also has a
beautiful paintings on the wall. The bed
is large and the mattress is soft.

I settled down and kept my things in
the wardrobe, I took my bath and
changed into a green sleeveless gown a
little below my knee.

An hour later, I was told dinner is
ready, I was to join Admiral Alawode in
the dinning. I was very nervous but I
tried to mask my fears.

I met him already sitting at the dinning,
I was nervous, I sat beside him quietly.
There are different kinds of food on the
dinning table, the dinning was the glass
rotating type, you just spin it to the
food you want and serve yourself. Local
dishes, intercontinental dishes, different
kinds of meet, everything was there. I
spinned the glass center tray and picked
a wrap of semo and I took vegetable
soup that was garnished with pomo,
stock fish, assorted meat, and crayfish.

The meat was so big that I had to just
pick one. He served himself too, I did
not bother to check his food. I just ate
quietly beside him, thinking of my
family. I wondered if they’ve eating this

I finished my food and He asked if I was
OK and I said yes.

“Have a wonderful night rest, I’ll see
you tomorrow” he said and stood up.
I was surprised, I thought we were
supposed to sleep together.

“Good..good night sir” I replied.
I left the dinning too almost

I went to the guest room. I was happy
nothing is happening that night at least
even if my body will be defiled, its not
tonight. Although I was still surprised at
his actions, may be he did not like me. I

I took my phone and called Happy, I
explain the situation of things to her.
“I don’t think he likes me” I said to her

“Anike calm down and have a good
night rest, if he doesn’t like you, he’ll
release you tomorrow morning.

Although he called me some minutes
ago and he didn’t mention anything like

“Did he say anything about me?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you when you are back”

“Tell me now, please…..

“Noooo later, good night Anike”
“Good night”

I called my mum also, I talked with her
and my siblings. I’m very sure she will
pray for me that night, she would tell
God to protect me in my room not
knowing I’m under a man’s roof in

I wish she could change her prayer to
father protect my daughter wherever
she may be’

I lay on my bed to sleep, I was about to
say my prayers as usual and guilt held
me back. I forced myself to pray, I
doubt if God is listening. I know the
prayer of a sinner or about to be sinner
is an abomination before God.

I slept for a few hours before 2am I was
up, I was just rolling in bed. I turned my
phone on, on my data I replied to some
messages. I log into the site where I
read stories. I have some stories I was
following. I read all the recent updates.
I dose off around 5am.

To Be continue…

Story by Toyin Taiwo

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