TRANSFERRED AGGRESSION: The Sexually Confused Senator Abbo Elisha.

Without insulting homosexuals, THIS GUY IS confused gender but he does not know it yet. All this misogyny (hate of women) comes from a place of society forcing him to be with a woman when all Elisha Abbo wants to do in this life is lie in the arms of a man with a big chest who will call him “baby”. Elisha Abbo is what he is fighting it.

How else will you explain a man that bleaches, perms his hair, uses TIRO on his eyes as eye shadow abi eye-brown and then goes beating up women? This is classic self-unawareness even when it should be obvious to all and sundry especially self.

So the repressed confused Senator Abbo walks into a sex shop, knowing others enjoy sex and he does not. He is jealous of this and acts like a dog in a manger. If he does not enjoy sex, none should. So he was in and he beats up women sale reps. Women are the cause of their frustration. If only men existed, if God made Adam and STEVE instead of Adam and Eve, he would be free to be someone’s bitch without society frowning. So he beats up the sales rep as he does his wife at home.

Senator Abbo is confused. He probably is wearing a G-String under his agbada.

written by Ena Ofugar

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