Symptoms of diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes – Frequent micturition(urination) the person begin to pass urine more frequently than usual maybe 4-10 times before down (at night) depending on the severity of the diabetes

Increased thirst-as more fluid is passed out the person becomes more thirsty

 Increased hunger

 Usual weight loss-the person



Suddenly begins to lose weight without reason

Blurred vision-the person can no longer see as before

Usual weakness or tiredness



Diabetes can cause blindness- excess sugar in the blood damages the tiny blood vessels in the eye.

kidney problem –excess blood sugar damages the

blood vessels in the kidney resulting in kidney problems.

v Heart problem- excess sugar in the blood narrows the arteries this can lead to hypertension


Symptoms of diabetes- Treatment

Diabetes has no cure but can be controlled.

 Healthy diet-A diabetic patient is usually on special diet i.e less carbohydrates foods and concentrates on food rich in vitamins and minerals.

Regular exercise as this helps to burn up the exercise glucose stored in the body.



Anti-diabetic drugs- there are drugs which helps to lower the amount of sugar in the blood, these can be gotten through a doctor’s prescription


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