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Stack Overflow – Stack overflow Job Posting |Stack Overflow Enterprise

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Stack Overflow – is a website that is privately held. It was first created in 2008 by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. The site mainly created to answer the question and open alternative to earlier question just like Experts Exchange.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

The name Stack overflow, this great website was chosen through voting in April 2008 by readers of Coding Horror. Which was Atwood’s popular programming blog?
This site feature question and answers on a wide and ranking range of topics in computer programming. It is for answering and questioning purpose through active and participation membership.

History of stack overflow

This is the brief history of stack overflow, it was created by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood in 2008. An invitation was given by Jeff Atwood which was to encourage his subscribers to take part in the private section of the new website on July 2008.
The company announced on May 2010 that it has raised a total amount of $6 million through venture capital, from a group of investor s led by Union Square.

Stack Overflow Enterprise

This is a private secure home for organization’s question and answers. It encourages teams to find and share information about business stuff. With this feature, you can get tips on how to start a successful business on your own without encountering any problems or any issue on the business.

Stack Overflow Job Posting

Hence, the stack Job posting is very good and unique to use. They a feature which can help you to attract a lot of customers or visitors to your site or business. And also this feature can be used to list out jobs that offers are for sale in order to get workers. This is one of the useful feature Stack offers to its users. This company also use this feature for its advantage. Most company takes advantage of this feature to look for worker online and is easy to use and stress-free.

How to access stack Overflow site

For you to access this site, here is what you need to do.
Go to your browser
Enter the URL on the search bar which is “”
Click on search in other to load.
Then, the homepage will be open.
Take time to scroll through.
some feature will be displayed on your screen. Which is helping Center?
Developer Jobs.
Daily community interaction.
With an App known as the Stack Exchange app.

How to Sign Up for Stack Overflow

At the top right corner of the home page, click on sign up.
A new page will be open, fill in your information.
Enter your email
Provide the password you want to use
Click on Sign Up.
NOTE: on the signup page there are three options to Sign Up
Or Fill in your information directly to sign up

How to Login on Stack Overflow

Before you can login it shows that you already have an account with them.
Open the home page enter the URL
At the top right corner.
Click login
Fill in your email and password
Then, click on login in.
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