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Six Easy Ways to Save or Download Video from Facebook

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Has it ever occurred to you, that you can save or download video clip you saw on Facebook without stress? I can tell you, you don’t need to be a guru to do this. It is very easy to save or download Facebook videos, whether they are regular uploads or Facebook lives recordings. All you just need is to follow these six easy steps outline below.

Some of these tools are web apps, and while some are desktop apps. There is a particular tool that allows you to download private Facebook videos. In respective of the tool you use, you will be able to watch your downloaded Facebook video on any kind of device of your choice whether you are online or not.

Six Easy Ways to Save or Download Video from Facebook

1. Downvids

This facebook downloader is base on the web. You easily use the drop-down menu below to select the Video format and hit download. A new box will pop up below, and click download again, and it will start downloading.

Note: ensure you watch out for all of the fake download buttons, to avoid downloading phishing video link.

Six Easy Ways to Save or Download Video from Facebook

2. FBDown

The easiest to use Facebook video downloaders are FBDown and Downvids. All you need to do is to paste a link to get started. The app also has other option for downloading content. Here are the steps to use this downloader.

The first method is the link option; to get started copies the link of the video you want, paste it into the box on the web app, and hit the download button. Then within a minute, your request will be processed by the app. On the screen click download Video in normal Quality to save it to your computer. Don’t fall victim for the fake button out there.

The second one is that you can also use FBDown Chrome extension. This help to detect any video on the web page you are looking at, and there is an option to download it via the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. This method works best on videos on sites rather than Facebook.

3. FBDown Private Facebook Videos

There is also a reliable way to download Facebook videos that are offered by FBDown.

Although, downloading private videos is not that common compared to public videos which one’s can easily download straight up. Here is a step by step process to use FBDown.

•           Go to the private Facebook video you want to download.

              Right-click on the video, select copy video URL.

•           Go straight to FBDown’s private video downloader web app.

                And then paste the copied URL and click next.

               Then a link will be generated by the tool. Click on the copy button and open the link in a new tab.

                Select and copy all the text.

•           Paste it into the page source box on the web app and click download.

4. Savefrom

Savefrom is both available on web app and Google Chrome extension; you can copy Facebook Videos with easy by using this tool. It also works with several other sites including youtube, Vimeo, and as well with Dailymotion. We can say it provides all in one solution to serial video downloader.

5. KeepVid

KeepVid is the easiest ways to download any video online. Going by the tool’s literature, you can download content from more than 10,000 apps and web pages.

It is a standout tool when it comes to an online downloader. It is recommendable for a desktop app for windows and macOS, and as well as an extension for chrome, Forex, Safari and Opera.

Though, the desktop version is not free to use because they have extra functionality. You can easily grab the URL of the video on Facebook you want and paste it into the box and click Download.

Six Easy Ways to Save or Download Video from Facebook

6. Mbasic Facebook

 Mbasic is a trick you can use to access Facebook mobile version on a desktop machine. The good thing is it does not rely on a third-party app; you can easily access directly with the Facebook site through it.

Mbasic Facebook

For you to start, type the URL: in your browser and load.

For the mobile version of the site.

Go to the Facebook Video you want to download.

Click the video to begin playback, then it will open in it’s on own tab.

Right-click on the video and select save Video.

To start downloading.

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