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Shopify – sign up on Shopify – Start a Free Sale Online

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Shopify – sign up on Shopify. Shopify is online e-commerce having its headquarters located in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is an online retailers store that offers suitable services like payments, marketing, shipment and customers engagement tools. Which make easy on running an online store for smaller merchants?
As at December last ears, the company had more than 800,000 businesses in about 175 countries using its platform.

Shopify - sign up on Shopify

A brief history of Shopify

The CEO of Shopify are Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. It was founded in 2004. Kukke unsatisfied with the e-commerce market and be computer programmer used the web application framework Ruby on Rails to build snowdeil’s online store and launch it after two months of development.
The snowdevil’s founder finally launches the platform as Shopify in June 2006.
While in June 2009, Shopify application programming interface was launch. (API) and the App Store. With the help of API, developers are able to create an application for Shopify online stores and then sell them on the Shopify App Store.

Shopify free mobile app was launch in April 2010. And is available on Apple play store.
Early this year 2019, Shopify announce a lot feature with snapchat to allow Shopify merchants to buy and manage snap chat story.
August 14 20019, Shopify released a new chat feature, called Shopify chat that allows merchants to have a real-time conversation with Customers using their e-commerce store.

Shopify – sign up on Shopify- How to Create a Shopify Account?

Normally, for you to have a Shopify platform account, you need to create a free trial as a Startup. To do this simply follows the step below.
Enter Shopify website on your browser.
Click the sign-up form on the open page.
Fill in your information about you.
Click the start Free Caption on the screen to continue.
After that, you put in required information there; which are address, name, contact phone number, and your country.

Then, you will be asked If you have a product to sell on the Shopify Platform. So if yes click on Yes and continue.
So if you are just playing with it to see if it works you just tap dropdown and click Playing Around. And, in the section that will ask you what you sell, you can click I’m not sure caption.
Finally, after doing this process you are good to go. That is, you now have an account with Shopify and you can start shopping on Shopify platform.

Shopify Login

Once you have an account with Shopify and you want to login. you need to follow the steps below:
Go to browser type Shopify website –
Enter your Email ID and Password you use during your creation of the account.
Click on login and wait for it to load.

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