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Share YouTube Video to Facebook on iPad

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Sharing youtube video to Facebook on the iPad is very easy to do. But some iOs user finds it difficult to do this. You might be wondering how some Facebook users share YouTube video on their timeline.  Here I will be sharing the trick with us in this article so keep reading to get the full detail.

Share YouTube Video to Facebook on  iPad
Share YouTube Video to Facebook on iPad

How to Share Youtube Video to Facebook on iPad

A lot of Facebook users out there who are willing to share some of their videos on Facebook but they don’t know-how. You may have some nice video or YouTube channel and ready to share it on this platform. But there is a difference between these platforms.

YouTube as a platform

YouTube as a platform is a streaming platform that you can easily access and watch the video for free. While Facebook is a platform you can meet different people from any part of the world. This is an amazing way to share your video to Facebook. This will help you to gain more visitors, comments and likes on your video. To do all of this is free you don’t have to pay.

Share YouTube Video Facebook

Share YouTube Video to Facebook on the iPad – There are two different ways to share youtube video on Facebook. You can decide to share the video link so that when a user clicks on it, it will direct them to the YouTube platform where they will watch it. Another way to do this is you can download the video on your device and upload it directly to the Facebook platform.\

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 Share YouTube video on Facebook

When you want to share your video link in Facebook simply follow the steps below;

Go to YouTube homepage

Search for the video

Or go directly to your channel if it is your video.

Once you find it, and then click on ‘’share ‘’ button.

And select Facebook Logo.

Another page will be open where you can post it on Facebook.

Note: Here you decide to post it on your page or timeline.

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