Sell on Facebook marketplace – How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace

Sell on Facebook marketplace – How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace|Facebook has billions of users all over the world.  Learning how to sell things on Facebook gives an opportunity to a whole new marketplace to you as a local vendor, irrespective of your location.

Sell on Facebook marketplace
Sell on Facebook marketplace

Sell on Facebook marketplace what does it mean?

The Facebook market place is an online store for people to discover, buy and sell items. Here people can easily find what they want to buy for by filtering their results by location, category and price.

Why Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is an important tool for the company who are interested in selling their items/products to target audiences. Before now; it was only available for peer to peer shopping marketplace, until it has expanded to include merchant selling.

Marketplace helps you to list out items for sale for free in ads that will be shown to people who leave in your general location. So this will help you to make a lot of sales especial if you are selling what they are looking for. So by listing your items on the marketplace, you can reach out to buyers that are willing to buy your product.


How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace

In other to sell on this platform you must have a Facebook account, for those having your Facebook already. All you do is to log in to your account; here is how to log in below;

Open your browser on your device.

Enter Facebook URL:

Enter your user name and password to log in.

Once you have a login, on your screen.

Look for the marketplace option on the menu.

At the left side of your screen and click on it.

Alternatively, you can access the marketplace directly by going to

Once you are log in, on the marketplace screen,

Click on the blue “+ Sell something” button

At the left-hand side of your screen, above the location box.

.Once you click on this button a pop-up window will pop up. This will allow you to click on what you are trying to sell: an item, a vehicle, a home for sale or rent, whichever item you have for sale and that is sellable on Facebook.

How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace
How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace

Once that is done, click on the blue box over the words “item for sale.” From there, a screen will appear where you can list what you are selling, the price you are selling it, the category the item belongs to, and other necessary information that will be helpful to the potential buyers.

Note: you will also need to upload at least one photograph of your item in other to be able to list it for sale.

How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace

.After, you have entered all the relevant information for your item, click on “Next” at the bottom pop up window. Where you will be asked to confirm which groups you will like to post it in.

Once you have posted your item to the selected group, meaning you cannot deselect it.

Some Facebook marketplace Categories

Some people may list items in the following categories:





Home & Garden.


Clothing & Accessories




This can help the shoppers view certain categories, views all categories, or search for a particular product.

What to Consider when selling on Facebook

   Note orders must be shipped within 3 days and received within 7 days.

For those handmade goods, it is important to modify the amount you have available to solve for any issues with supply and demand.

   Note: Not all eCommerce platforms sync with Facebook Marketplace. Some example of eCommerce platforms partnering with Facebook as at now is:








There is a lot of communication message from buyers. Though some consumers are not aware yet about the Facebook marketplace with time everyone will passionately and professionally embrace it.  Said by Danette Martin.  Paraphrase by zmamen.

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