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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs – Galaxy S8 Plus Price

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs – Galaxy S8 Plus PriceSamsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best phone anyone we wish to have when looking out for a new phone.  The phone is far better compared to Android phones.  It is very expensive also.  In a world where mid-range phones are more than good, it is a perfect and preferred device to go for. And also the device has a sleek body design built.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs  – Galaxy S8 Plus Price

    Samsung Galaxy S8 has a lot of features in it. The features are users friendly and active. Samsung phone is one that is the most popular mobile brands in the world, talking about its picture quality, it has a nice megapixel.

     Another great feature of this phone is the screen; it is very clear and sharp. It offers a good color reproduction which makes watching movies a nice experience. The phone screen is wider than that of iPhone7 Plus.

    Smartphone users these days all want to use a fingerprint to unlock their device. This make it secured and also easier, which mean they wouldn’t have to input t PIN whenever they want to access their phone. This is the main purpose the Samsung mobile phone Company added the fingerprint feature to this brand.

    You can also unlock the phone with your face, an iris scan or a fingerprint. With this security feature in the phone, makes the S8 brand one of the most secure smartphone on the market.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Price – Features of Samsung Galaxy S8


    Looking at the security system, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a fingerprint Scanner feature is superb. Unlocking this feature enables the device to unlock in smart form.  And the time rate is less than a second to unlock.

    Facial recognition

    With the Samsung Galaxy S8 face recognition feature users can easily secure their phone without thinking of remembering a password. That is, users can unlock their phone with face recognition feature. This is one of the advanced systems of technology feature that is on Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone.


    Here is another great feature that is in S8, Bixby, it is the brand’s voice rival to apple SIRI. Just like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s less assistant.  Bixby is Samsung’s big play in its offer to compete in the area of artificial intelligent assistance.

    The reason is to make Bixby an essential part of your daily life. It helps users to know what they might need, and what you are looking at. With this Single-button one-stop shop for all the information, he/she might need. Which mean Bixby is designed to understand things contextually in the feature.

    Scratch and Water Proof Resistance

    Samsung Galaxy S8 has a lot of inbuilt technology on it. This helps it to withstand scratch and water. That is if the device falls inside water, which means users wouldn’t lose its phone. And also the device can withstand some level of scratch too.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

    It has a powerful Rom which is 1.9GHZ octa-core with the Samsung EXYNOS 8895 processor.

    S8 has 4GB RAM and a 64 GB ROM and users are able to upgrade the device storage to 256GB via micro SD card.

    It also has a dual-edge curved infinity screen display 18.5:9 ratio.

    It has a 12megapixel real cameral and an 8-megapixel front selfie camera.

    lifespan: the device has a 3000mah battery power.

    With a single and dual sim feature.

    Connectivity: it has GSM, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G, 4G AND OTG.

    With nice active sensors; Ambient Light, Proximity Sensor, Compass, Magnetometer, and Gyroscope.

    The market price is about $250 t0 $300 in some locations.

    The above mentioned are some of the features and specs on S8 plus you will enjoy using this device.

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