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Reddit Gold –Know about Reddit Gold Awards and Reddit Coins

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Reddit Gold – Know about Reddit Gold Awards and Reddit Coins – Reddit gold was a premium membership package which allows the Reddit users a variety of additional features, which are: to /r/lounge, private Subreddit for Gold Members, Have the option to turn off ads, additional comment filters, and a nice little badge which shows a User is Reddit Gold Member.

Reddit Gold –Know about Reddit Gold Awards and Reddit Coins

In addition, third party companies have the option to offer discounts and deals to Reddit Gold members through the Reddit partners program, which was closed down in March 2016.

More so, if you are familiar with this site as a Reddit User last years, you will agree with me there was some new feature on Reddit.  This feature helps the premium membership for Reddit users to buy or gift each other.

Some number of businesses utilizes buying Reddit Users Gold memberships. This is a way of rewarding users for participating in their campaigns. Example of this is Toyota giving Reddit users who aided to make their Huge Amazon Box promotion an internationally successful.

Reddit Coins – about Reddit Awards.

Reddit Coins this is a brand new virtual currency which allows users to reward other users. In addition, this also means Gilding for quality submissions and comments they make. There are three (3) award level which is explained below;

Silver Award – This is the least award on the platform. Furthermore, it shows a silver awards badge next to the comment or submissions and also cost 100 Reddit Coins.

Gold Award – the gold award is the middle-level award on Reddit and is the most popular among them. So, it provides users with one free week package of Reddit Premium and cost 500 Reddit Coins. On this package, you will see a Gold Award next to the comment or submission.

Platinum Award – This package is the highest level award which users can give on Reddit. With a platinum award badge next to the comment or Submission; this also provides it, users, one month of Reddit Premium, as well as giving the user 700 Reddit Coins of their own to spend. On this award, lever cost 1800 Reddit Coins.

Changing from credits to coins shows the cost of presenting the award to someone is reduced. With this user are encouraged to award submission and comments by others.

Finally, Reddit Premium members have 700 coins to spend on each month. And also have enough option to buy Reddit Coin separately, with discounts for purchasing coins in bulk.

Reddit Gold – What is Reddit Gold Star?

Reddit Gold star is a Premium Membership package level on Reddit platform. This premium membership cost $3.99 per month while $ 29.99 annually for the payment. However, this gold package can be given to Reddit member for a good posting on the platform. you can also give this liking other people post. As well as, even giving the gold to an enemy in other to get them confused.

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