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Recover Deleted Text Message on Android Device

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Does your android phone mistakenly got damage or you mistakenly deleted some vital information message on your Android device. Here is how to recover deleted text message on Android Device and what to do to avoid such things repeating itself in the future.

Recover Deleted Text Message on Android Device

 Recover Deleted Text Message on Android Device – Why it’s Difficult to Recover Texts Message on Android

It’s not just easy to recover deleted messages on Android phone as a result of Android manages texting data. Android device is not a window or Mac where you have a recycle bin where deleted files are kept for a period of time before you finally decide if it is to be deleted.

In the case of Android phone once you delete something it is marked to be overwritten with new data. Just like erasing something from your to-do list without writing it back again if you do that means it will occupy the previous space.

In this situation what you need to do is restore the data from the deletion location in Android the Android device. This is not just accessible by normal means.

Easiest Way to recover deleted Text messages immediately

Immediately you deleted the messages on your device, quickly put your phone into airplane mode by holding the power button and select airplane mode at the menu displays.

While some Android versions, would require you to go to;

Settings > Network & Internet.

Turn on the Airplane mode toggle switch.

So by doing these, it shuts off the Wi-Fi and the cellular radio that means the phone wouldn’t be able to download any new information. During this process, you should avoid using the camera, record audio, or create any new data that might overwrite the messages.

After doing the above, make sure you check if the important data you need were backup before. For instance, photos are usually backed up to the Gallery app most time. While appointments are automatically added to the calendar.

If you back up your phone completely before you deleted the messages using a full-phone backup would work successful, wipe and restore your phone.

NOTE: If the above steps fail to work correctly the chance of getting your deleted messages are slim because to restore the messages with software app is difficult.

Recover Deleted Text Message on Android Device

Use an SMS Recovery App (pro and con)

This method might not work effectively for some people. Some site offers recovery software for Android devices but there are some setbacks in using these recovery App. some of the apps require you to pay for their service in order to retrieve your text even if they offer a free trial. Which may later end up charging you some fees if it eventually works?

And also, the SMS recovery app may require your device to be rooted. This process is very risky as it may allow access to any file on your device. Selecting default the folder that contains the text file would be hidden from you in a protected system folder on Android. In that way, you cannot browse to that folder without rooting, even if you install a new browser app.

In addition, text recovery apps may not work correctly without rooting your device. In some case, it may end up with a blank screen or your phone may show security warning alert if you allow such apps to root your device.

NOTE: if you made up your mind to use recover app there is this popular software root app that doesn’t require you to root your phone is called DiskDigger. Although, that may have an effect on its performance.

Use an SMS Recovery App (pro and con)

More so, there is some software that may ask you to use the USB Mass Storage Protocol for recovery which is not available.

Back Up Your Messages

The only way this would work is if you have already backup your device before deleting the text messages. Here are the steps to back up your files using Google drive;

Open it, sign in with user name and password using Gmail.

Click the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.

Go to settings.

Select Google Backup.

And select SMS messages on the new menu.

If Google drive is already installed on your device, that means, probably your texts is backing up already. Therefore, you have to restore the deleted text immediately as Google Drive updates its backup every 12 to 24 hours.

The only drawback in using Google Drive to restore your deleted messages/Files is that it’s save in form of archive, therefore, it will update the full-text history to the previous setting all at once. You cannot restore an individual text/file only.

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