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President Buhari: I brought Nigeria back to its feet

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President Buhari yesterday said his administration has brought Nigeria back to its feet through its change agenda.

The President who came into office in 2015 after the 16-year rule of the PDP, stated this when he spoke at the inaugural celebration of June 12 as the Democracy Day at the Eagle Square, Abuja.

“In my first term, we set Nigeria back on its feet. We are working again regardless of a troublesome situation in oil on which we depend a lot for our fares. We experienced colossal opposition from personal stakes who don’t need Change, But Change has come, we currently should move to the Next Level.

By the Grace of God, I mean to keep the vow I have made today and to serve as President for all Nigerians.”

According to the President, he respects the independence of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and ensured that the last general elections were the free, fair and peaceful.

“Throughout the last four years, I respected the independence of INEC. I ensured that INEC got all the resources it needed for independent and impartial management of elections in the country. All interested parties are agreed that the recent elections, which except for pockets of unrest, were free, fair and peaceful.

 I thank all the people who worked for our party, who campaigned and who voted for us. I thank my fellow Nigerians, who, since 2003 have consistently voted for me. Victory is your greatest reward; peace, unity and greater prosperity will be our collective legacy.” he said

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