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Pinterest for Business – How to Create a Pinterest for Business Profile

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Pinterest for Business – Pinterest, this is a visual social platform like a digital book joined together with another list online. Content inspiring quotes, Health tips, and from entertainment to Fashion. On this platform, there are so many useful tips and fun-filled features, particularly when it comes to business. Pinterest is a platform where you can market your business online.

Pinterest for Business

A lot of people have been able to buy things online through the help of Pinterest to reach another site. For you to be able to use this platform you need to know how to use it, how it works, what it means.

What do we mean by Pinterest for Business? This platform has given an opportunity to create business accounts. For you to enjoy Pinterest service you need to create an account with them, particularly business account. On Pinterest, you can showcase and advertised your brands to engage the customer and increase your sales.

Why You Should Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a platform online where you can meet people and share ideas, interest, hobbies and fancies with. Here, ideas and suggestion are represented by a Pin. And this Pin is a photo that is the search for and saved by its users.

As each Pin indicate a brand on Pinterest, it helps its users find details about the product they are looking for and to buy. Thinking of comparing Pinterest to Instagram, Pinterest is more powerful in the sense that you can add your website to link to your Pinterest.

Linking your Pinterest to your website make it more unique for Pinterest users to get more sales.

How to Create a Pinterest for Business Profile

Having a Pinterest account is very important for an online business owner it helps you to drive traffic to eCommerce website even other that. If you are into online business and you are not taking advantages of this platform you are missing out. Here is how to create a Pinterest business profile;

If your account is a personal account with them already, you have to Logout first for you to set up a new account. Here is how to do that; click on the three dots on the right top corner of the homepage, here the option select “Log out” will be shown.

Select  “Pinterest for Business” and select “Join as a business”. Enter the information required and your business and the managing account.

Move on to accept their terms and condition

Then, click on Create Account.

Once that is done, login into your account. Go to your profile and click on the three dots at the top right corner and select > setting > scroll down and select were you can upload a profile photo, business profile photo, location of your business, about and then click on “save setting”.

Confirm your website to boosts your pin on search results. To confirm your website enter > setting > click on confirm website. Enter your website’s URL and click on “Finish”.

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