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PayPal Mobile App Download – Send and Receive Money

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PayPal Mobile App Download makes transactions easy and safe. This app allows you to transfer money in few seconds to someone who needs urgent money from you. On this app, you can send money, and accept payment by choosing PayPal as your payment option. Please continue reading.

PayPal Mobile App Download

Some online users may not know how to use Paypal Mobile App download – Send and receive Money Fast. Worry no more, on this article we shall discuss how to download the Paypal mobile cash app and sending and receiving money from family, friends and even for business purposes worldwide.

Table of Contents       

1. Paypal Mobile App Download

2. How to Download Paypal App

3. How to download Paypal App for iOS

4. How to download Paypal App for Android

1. Paypal Mobile App Download

Paypal mobile app is available for download on an online payments system that supports online money transfer. This app is available both on iOS and Android device and is one of the most popular payment service platforms. You can send money to friends, family and transact business by using this secured PayPal account.  All you have to do is simply to add your bank account, debit or credit card and also set up the default payment method unless you choose otherwise.

Once you have this app downloaded on your phone you can start sending and receiving money at your convenience. Do your business within the twinkle of eyes. You do not charge to open a PayPal account or transferring money from your bank account to your PayPal. And also no charges involve using a PayPal account to purchase items.

2. How to Download PayPal App

Downloading the PayPal App is very simple. For the Android users, you can download PayPal app from Google play store while for the iOS users you can visit Apple store to download it. with the app on your phone, you can do you can transact in seconds.

3. How to download PayPal App for iOS

Below is the step to follow for you to download the app for iOS

On your iOs device, click on the Apple store.

Click on the search bar.

Type in Paypal App on the search bar and click search.

Tap on the PayPal app icon and click on “Install App” for download.

Then it will be installed on your iOS device and you can now set it up for use.

4. How to download PayPal App for Android

This is how to go about downloading the app on your Android phone.

On your phone, go to Google play store.

Tap on the search bar.

And enter “Paypal App” in the search bar.

Click on the PayPal icon and click “Install”.

It will be downloaded immediately and installed on your Android phone.

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