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Pastor apologies for an “inappropriate” Easter lesson where he urged students to spit on him, slap him and cut him with a steak knife

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A church in Ohio is saying ‘sorry’ for an “improper” Easter exercise in which a minister encouraged students to spit on him, slap him and cut him with a steak blade.

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Impact City Church lead minister Justin Ross and part-time associate minister Jaddeus Dempsey went on Facebook to freely apologize to student who was a piece of the strange after-school activity Monday.

Dempsey was driving a group of middle and high school students who were a piece of the congregation’s week after week “After School Student Hangouts” when he chose to impart his message to students about Easter, in a way which he later stated, “went too far”

“Jaddeus got up before the students and he stated, ‘I will request that you accomplish something that may appear somewhat insane, however in the event that there’s anybody here that might want to spit in my face, you can do as such with no repercussions,’ ” Ross said via web-based social media, depicting the occasion.

A few students took him up on his offer. At that point, he told them they could slap him. A few did. At long last, Dempsey hauled out a steak blade and set similar conditions. One student took the blade and cut his back.

Students hauled out their telephones and started posting via social media Videos of that day demonstrate the students arranging before the minister and alternating spitting all over while others laugh.

The illustration went excessively far, Ross said. “the reactions are appropriate,” Ross said. “Many of you were disgusted, many of you were hurt by this, many of you were very confused.” Even though the activity was inappropriate, he said, the “intent was honorable.”

After letting them spit, slap and cut him, Dempsey sat students down and conversed with them about Jesus, his trial and torturous killing and how he was “beaten, he was broken, he was whipped, he was executed and he died as a blameless man,” Ross said.

Ross said the church does not support that students or anybody should spit or slap others, or “utilize a weapon to hurt anybody or to hurt themselves.”




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