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Oshiomole Vs Obaseki: Edo PDP Must Play Smart

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It is no longer news about the conflicts between APC national chairman Oshiomole and Obaseki. I lean PDP. So forgive me if I put party leaning ahead of other considerations sometimes. (Emphasis on sometimes. Tribe, region, religion may supersede now and then)

As background, Oshiomole is trying to remove the present and largely performing governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki. Obaseki is fighting back hard. Edo PDP stalwarts have taken the side of Obaseki.

Note that I have NEVER CRITICIZED OBASEKI and this is because, APC or not, and considering the piss-poor leadership or lack thereof at the Federal level, Obaseki is doing a yeoman’s job. He seems to have blocked loopholes with which many were fleecing Edo State coffers. Some pipes leading to Oshiomole’s pockets seem to have been sawed off and blocked. So there are very angry powerful people

This same thing has happened in Lagos and will continue to happen whenever an ex governor cannot be an Ibori and respect his successors. Tinubu and now Oshiomole want to continue to be De Facto leaders and to continue to make billions at the expense of the masses. Tinubu tried it with Fashola. He lost out. He did it with Ambode. He won. Can Oshiomole win vs Obaseki.

Oshiomole is no Tinubu. His roots and his pockets do not run deep enough. But does his influence in the party enough to make Obaseki a one-term governor? Maybe. Maybe not.

And here PDP must make a choice. Should they be led by emotions and or good of Edo State and support a performing governor of another party who is resisting the continued RAPE of the state’s treasury by Oshiomole and his gang of touts and Agberos? Or should they instead by like King David and allow Uriah (Obaseki) be slain in battle so they can take his wife (power)?

Truth is Pastor Ize Iyamu And Edo PDP cannot beat Obaseki free and fair anymore as Obaseki has become even more popular with his bold leadership style. The masses of Edo State have come to see him as their champion who is being vilified and persecuted for their sake. Thus, if Obaseki makes it to the ballot under APC, Edo PDP have four more years to wait and then try again.

However, if they allow Oshiomole slay Obaseki, Pastor Ize Iyamu And his PDP will stand a chance against Oshiomole surrogate who will face the ire of the people as Lagos was prepared to do when Tinubu tried to remove Fashola.

Oshiomole is no Tinubu. Ize Iyamu is no Jimi Agbaje that pulls his punches. Obaseki is no Ambode. Edo State is no Lagos. Unlike Lagos that clearly is APC, Edo State is anomalous. They have voted PDP at Federal level twice showing the people will cross party lines for preferred candidates.

So will Edo PDP play decent and keep the more potent Obaseki in office and risk another loss at the polls or allow Oshiomole destroy APC by removing Obaseki and getting the ire of Edos.

The choice is theirs. Our own now is to spell out.

Written by Ena Ofugara

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