OLPC XO – A Laptop That Dreamed Bigger Than It Could Deliver

OLPC XO – Come to think of the inspiration of this creator’s of developing a cheap $100 Laptop that could reach kids all around the world. Even as far as developing countries. This OLPC XO -, Is one the first device launch by One Laptop Per Child organization, is the most amazing thing to happens to kids for gadget collection.https://www.zmamen.com/iphone-11-hands-on-review/

Thinking of a great ideal to make child able to access a computer and to share worth of information available online is something that is welcome. This great idea was championed by Seymour Papert and Nicholas Negroponte of MIT’s Media Lab since 1982. But, it became reality by the effort of Negroponte to make this one Laptop per Child Organization and it was finally actualized in 2005. Negroponte was the first to revealed the prototypes to know what will finally become OLPC XO which is fantastic, affordable, with a full functionality laptop which includes Crank on the side where there is a power failure. That opinion was one of the features to be defeated as the design of OLPC moved from the prototype phase to manufacturable product.

Losing the crank, I will say OLPC XO – 1- the first phase of the computer would have been produced and sold. Considering the power shortage of the developing countries OLPC engineered and selected some techniques to help minimize laptop power consumption. Since the purpose of creating were for children in developing countries.

OLPC XO – Overcome Limited internet Connectivity

The major reason for the creation of OLPC was primarily to help developing countries to remove the limit of internet connection. It is designed to depend on pop – up antennas to boost WIFI reception that can also be used in creating an ad – hoc mesh network for sharing a single internet connection with multiple OLPCs around. Cuddle to the designer Yves Behar, who was later invited on board to give a final touch to the hardware, and it was a well-done job.  As OLPC XO was now finally functioning well.

This OLPC also contain feature at the buttons below the screen bezel which is used as a handheld gaming machine, It has a rubber cover keyboard that makes liquid and dust to stay out, with a rugged carrying handle. It has a grey and black clamshell laptop look that was in use those days.

OLPC XO’s making it for children who have never seen computer before. Going for windows or Mac OS X, XO decided to use a lightweight Linux – based OS with a good non – profit interface – Sugar Labs. Those that are used to Microsoft’s or Apple’s operating system might find it strange to understand why the design of the front – end is like that. A device with complete functionality is so cheap and affordable. It bit my imagination, to see a nice design, well simplified and executed of the OLPC.

OLPC XO Marketing

I wonder how many kids around the world has this OLPC computer and where is available in town. Recently, Negroponte in his statement makes a remark of Jeffrey Epstein’s participation with the MIT Lab – in the sale management and they failed to succeed in the management. When it was now exclusively selling the OLPC XO to school and government all over the world, the laptop was now made public as part of buy one – give one program for $400, or $200 per laptop.

Challenge with OLPC XO

The price of the OLPC computer might be too high since is primarily designed for developing countries.

At first, the clever mesh network internet sharing feature failed to work properly as promised earlier, though, it was removed instantly when it was noticed.

The OS custom-designed front end opposed the OPLC. Since many countries want kids to learn industry-standard operating system likes Microsoft Windows etc.

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