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Last Updated on 1 year by sfundcom   – Netnaija News | Netnaija Music |Video |Finance. Here is another great platform where you can download the latest music, video, news and lots more. The site where you can see all this  Some people are not aware of this site yet. is one of the best sites that offer people what they are looking for like interesting music, video, and news. The site is all about entertainment, technology, education, and web/wap masters and also finance which today I will be telling you about. First I will like to tell you about the music and how to download them.

Netnaija Categories

Here are some of the categories that are found on this site.




NetNaija Forum

This is one of the categories whose feature is all about topics that are thrill with hot topics. That trending topics and users are also allowed to comment and share their ideas with other users on the platform. This category can also be referred to as an interaction section because it deals with communication and sharing thoughts. You can also see an update about latest and funny news that demands comments from users.

Netnaija Forum Categories

Here are some netnaija categories you will found interesting.

News: This section is all about the trending news.

Health: this deals with human health and how to improve your health.

Romance: on this category, it talks about relationships and advice.

Lifestyle: this talk about lifestyle.

Gambling: this deal with bets tips

Religion: advice and believe is discussed here.

Entertainment: where you got funny gist that will entertain you.

Education: all about exams and how to learn better and fast.

Finance Forum: and web/wap master forum are also here.

How to Download Music on

Go to the Netnaija website

Click on music at the top page.

You will see lots of music here.

Select options and click music.

Scroll down and you will see a box with a play icon.

Click on the link download better.

Another page will be open then click download now.  Video Download

On this category you will see a lot of videos to download like;

Comedy Videos.

Music Videos.

Foreign Music Videos.

Gospel Videos.

Movies Nollywood Movies.

Tech Videos

Sports Videos.

Video news.

How to download video on

Open your browser enter the URL

Click on Video at the top page

Select any of the Videos of your choice and click on it.

Another page will be open, click on the download button.

Click on download.


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