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iPhone 11- Hands-on review -release date and price

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iPhone 11- Hands-on review -release date and price. Will the low price steal the show of iPhone 11 again.
The feature of iPhone 11 that will matter to the user than any other element. This got a surprising price.
The new iPhone has a lower price than the iPhone XR. This improves the spec in a few key areas.
This has more improved cameras with iOS13 as standard. With a new low price that allows users to get a new iPhone for less those expensive top phone out there.
So what is Apple thinking, with such advance iPhone sold at such price? Is something that got one thinking?

iPhone 11- Hands-on review -release date and price

iPhone 11- release date and price.

Mind you the iPhone was launching September11, 2019. Pre-order date: September 13. This is going to be released on September 20. With a price starting at $699.
The good news that anyone willing to have the new iPhone, the release dates is September 20, and is very affordable. As the XR hit stores later than XS in 2018.
If you are ready to have one keep calm, as pre-order of iPhone 11 will be open on September `13 and mind you it will come with a one-year subscription to Apple TV Plus in the US.
The price of this iPhone 11 really huge in the US, in which it starts price is at $699 for the 64 GB storage model. Should you say is cheap but is a drop of $50over iPhone XR. This is unexpected from Apple.
For the Uk base and prime to have the new iPhone 11 on release. You are free to register with certain retailers so that you be among the first user who also knows about their best price. Vodafone and carphone warehouse both have pre-registration page. and carphone warehouse both have pre-registration page.

iPhone 11- Hands-on review -release date and price

iPhone 11- Camera

Same as the iPhone 11 Pro, the new iPhone 11 packs a large Camera bump on the rear, having a square design housing two sensors while the iPhone XR has only one.
These two sensors both have 12MP. Nevertheless, is it the standard lens plus an ultra-wide-angle lens, helping you to pull back to see more of a scene, with an instant visual suggestion to perform so.

iPhone 11- Camera

iPhone 11 design and display

It is quite different in iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11, having the two side by side you will observe the real difference between them. It has been tested, both the XR and XS for more than a month now. Both phones felt similarly smooth and premium in the hand, we don’t think that is an issue at all.
The LCD display of the iPhone XR returns on the iPhone 11 to keep costs down compared to a pricier OLED option.
So, the resolution on the iPhone 11 is a little lower than the one on the iPhone pro.

iPhone 11- Hands-on review -release date and price – iPhone 11 specs

Weight; 194g
Dimensions: 150.9×75.7×8.3mm
OS: iOS 13
Resolution: 1792x 828
CPU: A13 Bionic
Storage: 64/128/256GB
Battery: 1hour longer than XR
Rear Camera: 12MP +12MP
Front camera: 12MP
Waterproof: IP68
Headphone jack: No
The color available in black, white, yellow, lavender and mint green and also red for new lower-cost iPhone. It is a more dynamic fashion friendly than another more expensive model.

The battery life of iPhone 11 and iOS 13

According to Apple, the battery life is one hour more than the iPhone XR which means the inbuilt things is made more efficiently.
Unfortunately, there is no fast charger in the box with the iPhone like that of 11 pro.
So for the general view of battery life, we’ll need to runs test on the iPhone 11 for the full review which will be updated soon.

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