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Instagram Dating Page – How to date On Instagram

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A lot of people out there are currently in search of an Instagram Dating Page. So if you are part of these people, then we have an answer to your question today. As we all know, Instagram is an influential social media platform with billions of users from different part of the world. And here you can meet with different kind of people you want.

Instagram Dating Page
Instagram Dating Page

Now, the question is; can you meet someone here you can engage in online dating with? Reading this article will answer your question.

Instagram Dating Page

As we said earlier, so many people out there in search of an Instagram Dating Page if you are in this category just know that you are not alone in this. On a simple note. Instagram dating page is simply referred to like your Instagram account. Hope you are not surprised?

So for you to connect with other Instagram users and find singles you could start up a conversation with, you need to have an account.

How to Date On Instagram

If you have followed this article carefully, you know that Instagram dating page is the same as an official account on the social media platform. Here we will show you how to create an Instagram account on your PC or your phone device.

To create on your PC

Open your browser on your device

Enter and launch

Once that is done; click on any of the option: email, phone or facebook

If you choose to use email; fill in the information as is required,

Click next

And click the signup.

To sign up from phone app

Download the Instagram app from the Google Play store for Android users while for Apple store iOS users.

Once you have installed the app.

Tap sign up with email or phone

And tap next to sign up.

Once you have an account on the social media platform and want to connect with other singles, make friends, and even date, follow the instructions below.

Make sure you make your account and profile public in other for you to be seen and follow.

So, in your bio, state that you are single

Follow back the people you want as your friends with or date.

Ensure you like their post, so that they too can like your

Post on your Instagram story

Make comment on their posts

Use of hashtags like #single #love #relationships #dating, and a lot of them.

also, Make a romantic post about love

Search for others by names, hashtags, and follow them.

You can message them directly.

You can swap contact numbers with friends you are interested in.

If you are really interested in making friends and date on the platform, do what will interest the kind of person you want to date.

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