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In Affection with my pastor scene 9 & 10

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I began to feel sleepy, even papa too was, but was too tired to stand or so I thought.
Papa, you should go inside, if you are feeling sleepy sir.
He looked at me as if I had said something wrong, for a second I got scared and wanted to apologize, then he smiles and says
Hey calm down, it wasn’t you, I was staring at, I wanted to say thank you for the food it was ok, and about people who wash my clothes and cook for me, we have workers that help men like us, besides some members who come to help me at times.
Oh, daddy, I was scared oo, I thought I had said something wrong. I should go inside before I fall asleep here again.
I stood up and wanted to go but he stopped me with his sweet voice.
Do you pray before you sleep at all?
I didn’t know what to say, because his right I don’t pray before I sleep, after the hectic day at the office, I just take a shower and then the next thing I’m off to dreamland. But I can’t tell him that, so I had to lie.
Eeeh yes, daddy, I do pray before I sleep, sir.
But I don’t sometimes when I’m too tired.
My child, always pray before you sleep, it’s pace way for God to protect you.
Alright, sir, I will pray before I sleep sir, goodnight sir.
Alright, my child. Goodnight God is with you.
I thanked him and went inside, that night I prayed, and I enjoyed it, why? Even I don’t know but I liked the fact that papa cared about my spiritual life. I slept peacefully.
The next morning was Sunday, papa woke up before me as usual, he knocked on my door, that I should wake up or else I would be late for church. I almost told him to go alone but didn’t it that would be very bad so I got up, without saying my morning prayers and opened the door for him.
You don’t want to be late for church, do you?
I rubbed my eyes lightly and looked at him very well.
I’m sorry daddy, I over slept. I will be out in 5minutes.
He left without saying a word


He left without saying a word, I quickly rushed to the kitchen to make breakfast of bread and tea with fried eggs. Then I went to take my bath, papa was waiting for me so I needed to hurry, I didn’t stay long in the bathroom before I came out. I did my dressing as quickly as possible you know me I don’t do make-up. We had breakfast and left home around 7am on the dot.
Church service was good but not as good as ours back home, the pastor was just preaching like someone who fought with his wife before climbing the alter.

After service papa wasn’t ready to go, people were just coming from left and right to greet him. Before we left a church that it was already was 4pm, I was so tired, and Hungry. Immediately I got inside my room, I quickly said a word of prayer not much she just “thank you Jesus” and change to a pair of jeans trousers and a white loose top. Papa didn’t come out, I guess he was very tired too.

I went to the kitchen to make fried rice and goat meat( I hate chicken). I was quick with the food because everything I needed was already made easy for me. (Nigeria too is improving) 45 minutes later my food was ready and served to eat. I set the table and went to knock on papa’s door, he answered like he was just waking up from sleep.
Yes, come in, please.
I entered.
Good evening daddy. Lunch/dinner is served. (I said smiling)
He smiled back
Yeah, you are right, lunch/dinner. Alright, I will join you soon.
I left his room and went to the dinner to wait for him, 5 or fewer minutes later papa came out, as usual, we ate in silence.

After the meal I just clear the dishes and went to take a cool shower, Papa sat in the living room (you remember I have to pass through the living room before getting to my bathroom right?).

I didn’t just want to tie a towel and pass through the living room since papa was still there so I just took my towel and entered the bathroom with my clothes still on. I felt relaxed when I entered the cold bathtub. It was so refreshing,

I almost slept there, after spending close to an hour in the bathroom. I guessed papa must have entered his room, so I just tied my towel and on my chest and came out of the bathroom. I was shocked to see papa still sitting in the living room watching CNN I didn’t know what to do, whether to go back or just walk into my room, I stood like a statue for like two minutes before I finally walked into my room. The truth is my body is very attractive when I say “very” it can make a bishop forget about his sermon merely looking at me 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

To be continued


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