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In Affection With My pastor (Scene 6 & 7)

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Scene 6

I’m sorry you met me like this, I was actually dressing when your knock kept coming.
It’s ok, I’m sorry too. (he smiles)
I excused myself and went inside to dress up properly a few minutes later I was done, I’m not the make-up type so I was good to go. When I came out Desmond was just staring at me one kind “take a photo it last long” I said smiling he looked away then looked back at me and smiled.
Can we go now?
Sure after you miss (he smiled again)
We came outside the house, he went and stood before a car, I was wondering what he was doing when he opened it, “get in ” he said wow he owns a car? Then he must be a very big boy. We got to the market wow their market was super big, I didn’t have more than 40 thousand with me so I asked Desmond to direct me to an ATM where I can make some with draw. He took me to one so I withdrew 100 thousand. (don’t be surprised I’m a big girl too).

He withdrew some money too. Then we started to shop, I bought all we needed for the whole month. Desmond Surprised me a lot, he paid for almost everything I bought. Around 1 I started to feel Hungary so I asked him to take me to an eatery, he was Hungary too, we went to have fried rice and goat meat but he had chicken.

After the meal, I wanted to pay but he refused and paid again. after our meal we bought the remaining things then went home. I got home around 2:20pm immediately I entered, I arranged everything I bought from the market before I started cooking, Desmond is kinda romantic he helped me a lot.

After I finished cooking I asked him to sit down so I serve him, but he declined that he was still full. I wanted to go take a shower but he said he won’t be waiting so we exchange numbers then he left. Since daddy said he won’t be coming till six I just went inside took off my clothes and walked naked into the bathroom.

I am used to that walking naked in my house. But this time is different I’m staying with Papa but as the saying goes “you don’t learn how to use a left hand at old age” so I couldn’t stop the bad habit. I was in the bathroom

when I heard papa’s voice “I’m home daughter” my eyes pop open “what I yelled” I was supposed to go out now, no towel with me, “God I’m stranded. I was there for like 30minutes I guess papa got worried. So he called my name “Sam are you alright in there” God what should I say?
Eeh eeh no papa, I didn’t know you would be coming now.

Scene 7

Why didn’t you take your towel with you in the first place?
God! I felt ashamed but what could I do, a bad habit is always a bad habit.
I’m sorry daddy, please can you just help me get a towel in my room?
He was silent for a while before I heard him say “ok”. It wasn’t long I heard a slight knock on the door,
I’m going inside my room now, open the door check the handle of the bathroom door the towel is there.
Thanks daddy I said slowly.
I waited for like 5minutes before I open the door he wasn’t there, I quickly pick the towel from the handle and shut the door. Not long I left the bathroom to my room to dress, this time around I shut my room door too. I might be in love with my pastor but seducing him? Never, what if he turns me down? I will just die. I won’t make the first move no matter how much I like you. After I finished dressing, I arrange the table for dinner, I went to papa’s door and knocked I didn’t hear his voice but I heard the sound of the

shower, I guess he was bathing so I went and sat down in the living room. About 25minutes later papa came out wearing his night robe. “Dinner has been served daddy,” I said feeling awkward because of what happened earlier. He just nodded his head and went straight to the dining. we were silent all through the meal, it was just eye contacts. I blushed at some and felt awkward at some. After the meal we went to the living room to rest a while, it was just 7:30pm. I hated the silence so I spoke first.
I’m sorry about what happened earlier today daddy. (he stared at me for a while)
It’s ok daughter, just be careful next time, I might not be the one in that position to help you and the person who is there at that moment will think otherwise( if you know what I mean).
Yes daddy I understand. Daddy how did I get to my room yesterday? I remember I was seeing a movie here last night, but how I went into my room is what I don’t know.

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