In Affection With My Pastor Scene 20 & 21

His eyes on mine, his wet lips begging mine to meet it, God this is so hard for me to resist, I closed my eyes and waited for whatever it was that was coming. I felt his breath closer to my nose and boom his lips met mine, it was slow, calm and gentle then it began to get hot, then hotter I felt weak, I lost control all I wanted was for him to make love to me, whatever comes next?

I wasn’t border, I didn’t care all I cared for at that moment was him inside of me. He carried me bridal style to the bed, took off my shirt and I did the same too, the kiss was still going on. He let out a soft m0an I smiled his so sex starve. Then it hit me we are in the month of October and in two months time, his wife will be back and he will forget this moment ever happened. I pulled away from him.

PAPA: What’s wrong, I mean again? (his eyes full of desires)

SAM: I can’t do this, I love you so much, and this? I want it so badly. But I won’t be able to live with myself if we return back home and we start acting normal like this never happened.

He sat down and bent his head, was he thinking of what I just said or regretting what we almost did?

SAM: Say something, anything.

PAPA: I love you too sam, I know it sounds crazy but ever since the death of my wife, no one has ever made me feel this way.

“What? Death? I must be going crazy I guess I didn’t hear right.

SAM: WHAT!!! Can you say that again?
Your wife dead? When I mean how?
He walked to the window again backing me. 

PAPA: It’s a long story sam, and I don’t think you would like to hear it.

What the hell, me not want to hear it? Hell yes I want to hear it.

SAM: We have all the time in the world, so tell me I wanna hear it.

PAPA: Ok, I will tell you but not now, maybe before you leave on Friday.

I frown, how can he post me till Friday today is just Monday I’m anxious to hear everything.

SAM: No, please tell me now, please!!!!!
He turned from the window and moved closer to me. “Sam I will tell you when I’m ready, please? (his eyes begging me to let it go)
I took I deep breathe and asked if I should make lunch for him but he refused, ” what I want now is to sleep” I didn’t like the idea but I started to go anyways when he said “like we were last night” so he wants me to sleep and cuddle him as he did with me last night? Hmmm, I like this man. I held his hand and brought him to the bed. Our eyes locked on each other “thanks sam” he said.


Our eyes locked to each other, his hand inter-lock with mine, the moment was beautiful, love isn’t all about sex, is making the imperfect to become perfect.

“Thanks, Sam” he said as I whisper, I smiled even thou I didn’t know the reason for the ‘thank u’ my hand was on his curly hair, using my hand to play with it, it didn’t take long before he fell asleep, I smiled, he didn’t sleep much like night being my superhero so he needs to recover. I was amazed to know his even cuter when he sleeps.

The I was admiring him, I got tempted to kiss his soft pink lips again. Since he was already asleep I was just going to steal the kiss from him. I brought my lips down to his and gave him a soft kiss on the lip, he held my lips with his almost immediately I was surprised I thought he was sleeping. His eyes were still close like he was still sleeping but his hands are free from mine, he used his hand to hold my waist. The kiss was wow, hot in fact awesome. I didn’t lose control this time around, my head was still at home even thou the kiss was hot. I pulled away to take a breath.

He smiled and came closer to me again “don’t worry I will try not to lose control too” he said (his eyes beaming with desire) I felt reassured hearing him say that, so I closed my eyes to enjoy what is coming next. We kissed till there was no breath left in both of us. I looked down and notice he has an erection (who wouldn’t) even I myself was d–n wet. “You are hard, are you gonna be ok,” I asked with concern. He smiled and pulled me closer for a hug. “I will be fine because your love will make me. I smiled and hugged him back. 

SAM: Since when did you start loving me?
He pulled away from the hug and looked into my eyes.

PAPA: The first day, I saw you

SAM: Wow! That’s weird because we didn’t even spend time together, you just welcome us and advised us to visit again.

PAPA: That’s enough time to fall in love, my dear. And the day I picked your name from that basket? It was a miracle and a prayer God answered for me.

SAM: How? I don’t understand.

PAPA: The first Sunday you visited our church, my feelings kicked, so I prayed about it, and ask God to show me a sign if it was his will. Then the next Sunday you came again and when names were dropped in that basket I asked God to direct me in picking your name if you are the woman I have been waiting for. And the rest is history.

SAM: Wow, that’s sweet

To Be Continued…

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