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In Affection With My Pastor Scene 2

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The next Sunday (that was my second time in the church) was the last Sunday of the month, I went in time so I wouldn’t miss the preaching like I did the other day.

When I entered it was just a few people I didn’t mind because I knew very soon my papa will arrive. We did Sunday school and other things before papa arrived. I was so lost in his handsomeness, God that man is cute. He immediately climbs the alter, he was about to preach. He called the topic but I really didn’t write it down because I was just staring at him.

After the preaching the guy that did announcement the first Sunday came up and said “please all the youth should write their names and drop in that basket over there, I wonder what they needed our names for but I did anyways, 15minutes later we were done with our names, the guy who I later found out is called bro Tobi took the basket to papa.

Papa picked one paper from the basket and gave it to bro Tobi. He went back to the altar and called the name of the person on the paper. “Miss Samantha Steve please can you raise”? At first, I didn’t even notice it was my name because I was still lusting after papa.

He called the second time, this time the church members have started murmuring before a lady beside me tapped me on the shoulder, “miss are you Samantha” she asked me. “Yes ma who wants to know” I replied her, she just turns her head to the altar and said “bro Tobi she’s the one” I turn to see all eyes were already on me.

I gave them the stare that says “What’s up”. “Please get up let the church see you” I stood up like a dummy. He told me to see him after service that they would like to know if I will be changed to travel with papa for a church seminar. “What, didn’t I hear well” I looked from my papa to bro Tobi I wanted to be sure so I asked again “travel with papa”? Yes, miss, he replied to me. After church I went to see him, he explained everything to me and told me everything I will do for papa. I was so happy, in fact, that day I didn’t eat anything I was dying of excitement. The next day was Monday so I went to work to see my manager her, I asked for a month leave, at first he didn’t want to accept but I used my charm to get him to say yes.

We were to travel that Friday papa and me. I made everything available for the trip, in fact, I overpacked my things, I wanted everything to be perfect. We were to meet in the church before we take off from there.

Story by Deborah Paul


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