In Affection With My Pastor SCENE 17

I quickly rushed to the kitchen to make breakfast but to my surprise, Papa was almost done with the job.
Daddy? (he turned to look at me) what are you doing?
He smiled at me, yeah right I understood why because I asked the obvious question. I knew he was cooking but why?
Making breakfast as you can see (still facing me)
But you know you are not supposed to do that right? That’s why I’m here, to cook and wash for you.
I don’t see anything wrong if I make breakfast besides I love cooking so Cool.
I took a deep breath, then washed my hands and joined him in completing the cooking. To be honest papa is a wonderful cook, the way he made his eggs I could swear that was the best egg sauce I have ever seen and tasted.
After breakfast papa went to take a shower, I was busy inside with my laptop watching “personal taste” Korean movie, God I so much love that movie. I heard a soft knock on my door, I knew it was papa he has this tendency for soft touch. “Daddy, you can come in” he walked in looking like someone who had just seen a ghost, I wondered why, that’s when I remembered I was only wearing a bra, I took off my shirt when I came in after breakfast (holy cow) I became shy I quickly picked my shirt and cover my chest. He turned for me to put my shirt on.
You can turn now daddy, (he turned) I’m sorry.
He looked at me, then down to my chest like he was confirming if I was fully dressed.

Why did you ask me to come in, when you knew you weren’t properly dressed?
I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t remember I took of my shirt.
He sat down, then turned my laptop to face him, “what movie is this”
“Personal taste” sir
Hope is not a pon movie?
I stared at him for a while, then gave him that look that says “what do you mean by that” I guess he read my thought because he smiled and said “just kidding, I know you won’t do that” I smiled too. “So daddy what can I help you with” he smiled again.
I actually came to ask you what the nightmare was all about, but it’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it.
Daddy’s so terrifying I don’t want to even think it (tears already threatening to fall)
You look very tough on the outside sam, but you are actually very emotional. It’s ok you don’t need to tell me if it’s that bad.
I looked at him, why is this man making it very difficult for me with his over caring attitude?

To Be Continued…

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