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In Affection with My Pastor Scene 15 & 16

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I remembered he ate around 5 pm or so I quickly ran to the kitchen to get him something to eat, I got to the kitchen and saw dirty dishes in the sink so I knew he already ate. I popped my head through the kitchen door and asked: “daddy you care for tea”? “Yes please, but coffee” I made tea for myself and did coffee for him. I brought two mugs in my hand, the coffee in my right hand while I had my tea in my left hand. I placed the mug on the stool beside him. I didn’t sit with him again I just sat on another couch close to his.

He took a sip from his coffee and smiled “nice” he said. I just chuckled what’s the big deal in making coffee? We didn’t talk after that we just had our tea in silence. I finished mine first and waited for him to finish his. When he was done I took the mugs to the kitchen washed them and returned back to the living room.
Daddy, it’s almost 12 am I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.
I expected him to say goodnight, he didn’t talk for a while, so I turned my back and started walking to my room when his voice stopped me mid-way
“You are really going to leave me here on Friday sam”?
I felt pity for him, we have been together for just three days yet it feels like we have known each other for months or even years.
Daddy, I don’t want to leave you here, but I’m scared I really am.
He got up from his chair and came close to me, this time his hands were soft and tender, I could swear he looks in his eyes were “passion” but maybe my thought was wrong. He placed his hand on my shoulder, “what are you scared of sam” he said like a whisper
Daddy, I’m eeh I’m eeh you know I.. I eeh
Say something sam. What are you scared of?
Nothing sir, I need to go to bed, goodnight (I ran to my room) I closed the door after me and sat down at the back of my door on the floor. “God, what kind of thing is this, out of all the men I could love “my pastor? Jesus Christ sam you are a big fool” I cursed myself. I heard papa slam his door too. I got up and climbed my bed.

I checked my phone I got 12 missed calls from Desmond and 2 messages “hey sugar, thanks for making my night”. “Why are you not picking my calls, you are gone to bed already”? I read it and sighed I couldn’t reply again cause it was already late so I just threw my phone on the other side of the bed and fell asleep.
That night I had a very terrible night-mare, I swear I wasn’t faking it, it was so terrifying that I screamed.


It was so terrifying that I had to scream from my sleep, sweating all over, Papa ran into my room I guess he must have heard my scream. “What happened sam,” he asked rubbing my hair. I just held him real close to myself.
Calm down, it’s just a nightmare. (still rubbing my hair) I was scared so scared that I almost ran out of my own skin.
He picked my phone from the bed and said
It’s just 3am in the morning, you should get some sleep, you will be fine. I released him, when he wanted to stand up I held his hand and begged him not to leave me alone.
Please don’t leave me, I’m so scared daddy.
But you know I can’t stay in your room? Just sleep you will be fine.
I thought for a while, should I let him go or follow him?
Ok stay with me till I fall asleep please daddy (a tear dropped)
You don’t have to blackmail me to stay with these tears of yours sam. (sounded angry) he didn’t know It wasn’t a blackmail I’m just too emotional even mercy Johnson
I’m not daddy, I’m just scared(and that was true) he stood watching me for some time before he sat on my bed again. I laid down but couldn’t close my eyes, I was facing up, “I’m here now so sleep” he said yet my eyes were still very much open looking at every corner. He drew closer to me on the bed but his legs were still on the ground then he put my head on his arm, his other hand rubbing my hair. I felt warm in his arms, and safe I started to feel sleepy again, I looked up to see his eyes were closing too.
Daddy, just go, I will try to sleep on my own. You feel sleepy.
Don’t worry about me, when you sleep I will go to my room and rest.
I was happy and sad, happy because I loved him and sad because I can’t have him. He brought his mouth down to mine, I was so scared I thought he wanted to kiss me, my body started to shake. He must have noticed because he smiled and said “just checking if you have fallen asleep” God that was close I took a deep breath papa was with me till I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and discovered papa was lying beside me, his hand was still inside my hair (I’m very proud of my long hair too)
I was shocked that papa and I slept in the same room, I quietly got up and went to brush and take a shower. When I came back papa was no longer in my room, “thank God ” I said inwardly. I dressed quickly and rushed the kitchen to make breakfast

To be continued


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