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In Affection With My Pastor Scene 1

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Truly, this is another heart blowing article, many may says, why not labeled this RW+18, no, I wouldn’t, I make it open to all since I need all of you to learn. An account of bank staff. Truly bank staff, in light of the fact that an investor is an individual that possesses or established the bank. Am too, I once a staff of one famous business Bank in Nigeria, and ascend to the extraordinary office before leaving the place of employment, however before I do, I have this experience with one of us… Her story goes subsequently: …

Hmmm, I’m about to tell you about my little secret, as I lay here on my bed, thinking and reviewing my life, I have come to realize that my life has been naughty.
My name is Samantha but my friends call me Sam. So use Sam everywhere I go to.
It was late September when I joined “God’s praise chapel” well can’t call the fun name for you guys you know (wink)I was new in town, and I needed to get myself fit into a church that God’s spirit is there. Oops I didn’t complete my introduction, right? I’m among the few lucky people who had the opportunity to start school early, so I finish my school early sha. I’m an accountant in eco bank God I love my job, I’m very beautiful, sexy, and smart. Back to my little secret.
I went to about two to three churches but I didn’t like them, it was all about money, death and some things that you will know they are fake.

So that morning my spirit or should I say Satan led me? I enter the church everywhere was filled with people the pastor was on the alter he was leading prayers so I quickly find somewhere to fix myself, after the prayer I was expecting him to start preaching but he got down from the altar and another man came to give announcements then he asked newcomers to be on their feet so they could know us. We were three a boy and a girl and myself. We stood up and they prayed for us after that church was over for that Sunday.

Wow, I fell in love with the church. After everything we were asked to see the pastor (which they call him papa), I wonder why papa because his very young and handsome he even has dimples but one side. We met him and he spoke to us and encourage us to come back next week Sunday. I accepted because I was already in love with the church.

After that day I couldn’t take the man out of my head, even at work his voice, his side dimple, his smiles God it was too much to forget. All I did was pray Sunday comes quickly again.

Story By Deborah Paul


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