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I returned home and met my better half in an upbeat disposition. He had set the eating table prepared fully expecting the uplifting news. It wasn’t shutting time however he was at that point home, clearly to hear the news direct.

Be that as it may, there was nothing more than bad memory news to tell my better half. I took a gander at the delight and energy in his face and felt extremely awful right then and there. I began envisioning the treatment I would have gotten from my better half on the off chance that I could simply declare to him that “I am pregnant”. For what reason did God turn my bliss to trouble? It was actually overwhelming for me to illuminate him that I was not pregnant after all the dramatization. I gave over the envelope to him and hurried to the restroom to fix my clean cushion in order to stay away from the stream from recoloring me.

He took the dark-colored envelope and gazed at it for quite a while without adjusting a word. My significant other is a man of confidence and I realize that. After certain minutes he went along with me in the room where I was crying, ‘for what reason are you crying, my sweetheart?’ He inquired. ‘Is there any good reason why I won’t cry? At the point when God appears to have overlooked me however show thoughtfulness to a delinquent. I may not be an ideal Christian but rather I am a decent one. For what reason will I keep myself for every one of these years and God will pay me back in this difficult manner, I answered as I wailed harshly. My significant other was briefly befuddled, he was shy of words and I comprehended as he endeavored to murmur a few words yet gulped them once more. He couldn’t withstand my tears as some spontaneous tears dropped down his very own cheeks wildly.



He later called quality and valor and stated, ‘sweetheart, it is too soon to stress over pregnancy. We are scarcely under two months in marriage and you are as of now crushed in light of the fact that you didn’t imagine in the principal month. You have to relax, in the event that you didn’t accomplish pregnancy this month, you can accomplish it one month from now. Quit blaming God that way, that is near cursing. Quit crying and wipe away your tears. I am your significant other and we are in it together.’ He embraced me, nestled me, kissed me, and so on however all that made no importance to me right then and there.

For three days, I lost my craving. My significant other attempted to influence me to eat yet I proved unable. Every one of the occasions he constrained me to, I tossed everything up in the long run. He was worried to the point that he called my mother to advise her of every one of that has occurred and my mentality towards the issue. My mother called me and brightened me up. She took as much time as is needed to clarify the ovulation procedure and how I should exploit it one month from now. I expressed gratitude toward my mother and we finished the call. That gave me some little alleviation and had the capacity to eat a few noodles. I decided to respect my mother’s recommendation and exploit my ovulation time. I began computing dependent on the manner in which my mother educated me.

From my figurings, my ovulation should be around fifteenth, by twelfth I began giving my better half enough watermelon and dates organic product to help his execution for the period. Notwithstanding when I was having torments I didn’t tell my significant other so as not to counsel we ought to limit the occasions we met up. I made him lay down with me twice before he left for work and when he returned from work, we did it before his dinner. During the evening, we could go as much as three to four rounds. I was resolved not to leave any stone unturned this time. Sooner or later, he griped somewhat, ‘sweetheart wouldn’t you say we are having a lot of sex?’ He inquired. ‘What is an excessive amount of sex for another couple who needs a kid?’ I answered. ‘Try not to reveal to me you are now getting exhausted with sex soon after two months of marriage. On the off chance that we don’t have intercourse how would you need me to be pregnant?’ He was assuaged and apologized for grumbling.

After weeklong sex cavorts with my significant other I began having a few torments around my lower mid-region, the agonies were harming and sharp. I didn’t try to tell my better half since I don’t need him to instruct me to go to the emergency clinic. I persevered through the torment for about fourteen days supposing it will die down yet it rather deteriorated.

On the third of November, I went to the adjacent drug store to get pregnant test packs. I will do the test myself before setting off to the emergency clinic for affirmation. I was on edge it will be sure this time. I did the test and I didn’t comprehend the outcome. I returned to the drug specialist the next day for him to disclose to me how to decipher the consequence of the test. He did and requested that I get another unit to re-direct the test. While I was returning home that day I asked myself, “Maryam why the franticness? For what reason would you like to kill yourself over pregnancy for a marriage that is under three months?” I tested myself from various perspectives yet I was as yet stressed. I discarded the new pregnancy test unit I just purchased and returned home confiding in God.

The agony in my midriff wound up excruciating constantly. I addressed my better half about it and obviously, he said we will see the specialist tomorrow. He didn’t look for my assent the next day when he returned from work and instructed me to get ready for a visit to the medical clinic. ‘Sweetheart, I think I am better now and there will be no need heading off to the clinic once more,’ I let him know. My significant other took me by my hand and pulled me up and pointed towards the room, ‘go in there and put on your garments now,’ he said. I obeyed him and went in to put on something else.

To be continued…

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