My significant other for all intents and purposes hauled me to the medical clinic. He made every one of the protests to the specialist as I was practicing with data about my wellbeing to keep away from any treatment that will imperil my odds of imagining that month. Promptly the specialist requested that I lie on the patient stretcher so he could watch me. He did I fast sweep on my stomach area, ‘madam you may stand up.’ He said after the output. My eyes were fixed on his lips, on edge to hear his finding. ‘Sir, madam is having contamination and that is the reason for the agony, I will put her taking drugs for about fourteen days. I will likewise treat you so you won’t pass it to her again through sex.



Does it mean I am not pregnant? I asked myself and obscure to me my quiet inquiry was sufficiently uproarious that the specialist heard it. ‘No madam, you are not pregnant. Regardless of whether you were pregnant, I would lean toward we deal with this contamination first.’ right then and there I despised my better half for bringing me to hear this awful news, I abhorred the specialist too for giving me this awful news. For the period we went through with the specialist I was peaceful all through. Inside the vehicle, while returning home I didn’t let out the slightest peep to my better half neither did I answer any of his discussions.

We returned home and my significant other gave me the portion for that night. ‘I won’t take these medications since I realize I don’t have any disease. Regardless of whether I have a disease, my God will mend me.’ I told my better half.

My better half was unsettled about my demeanor and I could see outrage all over his face. The medications were unreasonably amazing for an eager mother and I didn’t wish to take such prescription right now. It will suspend my arrangements for getting pregnant for two months. On the off chance that I take the medications now, it will flush out my pregnancy and won’t permit me to watch my ovulation time for the following month. I would not take the medications however continued appealing to God during the current month’s pregnancy to remain.

I began spewing some days after the fact. I immediately hurried to the timetable to compute the days I missed my period, it was the 29th day after the last circle. I rapidly put a call through to Sally, ‘I think I am pregnant’, I advised her on the telephone. ‘Have you gone for a test?’ she asked me. ‘I have been spewing for two days now and I haven’t seen my menses for 29 days, do I need any test to realize I am pregnant?’

‘Missing your menses for 29 days and retching are insufficient to close you are pregnant. Dear companion, it would be ideal if you go for a pregnancy test tomorrow. I realize it will most likely be certain, congrats ahead of time.’ she said. I couldn’t clarify what I felt in view of what Sally said and the compliment welcoming.

My dread with going for pregnancy test is the way that I won’t most likely withstand “madam you are not pregnant” or “madam the test is negative”. I chose I won’t go to the medical clinic for a test until I see more indications of pregnancy.

My significant other and I had not been amicable terms due to my refusal to take the medications endorsed for the treatment of the disease. I realized I was still responsible for his heart as a result of the affection he had for me, so I wasn’t apprehensive. All the more thus, I know revealing to him that I was pregnant will change his frame of mind, all I required was simply to make sure I was pregnant.

I looked out for till the 36th day before I told my significant other I was prepared for a pregnancy test. He grinned and said ‘pregnancy test you will have.’ He immediately spruced up and we headed to the emergency clinic. This time I was progressively hopeful since I had seen practically all the pregnancy signs I have known about in my life. My blood test was taken, ‘you may hold up at the reception, the lab woman reported to us. Be that as it may, this was not the strategy last time, I sat with the man while he did the test. For what reason is this woman approaching us to go out first for a test that is under fifteen minutes? We obeyed and went to sit at the gathering. After fifteen minutes she got out my name to seek my outcome. My better half requested that I take a seat while he went for the outcome however I imagined as though I didn’t hear him, so I tailed him directly behind. When I saw the woman giving over a darker envelope to my better half I began feeling lightheaded. Before my better half could gather the envelope I was down on the floor. All that happened from there on was disclosed to me when I recaptured my awareness.

To be continued …

story by Ayodele Adeoye

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