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I was extremely idealistic and calculative. I saw my period keep going on the sixteenth of July, this is second September, I didn’t require any test to realize I was pregnant with the adjustments in my body. I began acting dramatization for my significant other. He bit by bit does everything in the house without grumbling, “my dear simply rest and I will thoroughly take care of you”, that turned into Omeiza’s trademark. In any case, he was keen on taking me to the clinic for a test. In the wake of mounting weight on me? I surrendered only for him to leave me alone. I took my introduction to the world that morning and got to the medical clinic early just to satisfy my significant other and clear his uncertainty about my condition. I was number four on the line hanging tight to be taken care of. All the three ladies in front of me left the lab with a grin and a white envelope in their grasp. A senior cleaner and a staff of the medical clinic situated herself by the passage to the emergency clinic research center who will dependably grin at ladies leaving the maternity lab with a salutary welcome. ‘Congrats madam”, she rehashed to the initial three ladies who went in before me as they turned out grinning.

The ball was in my court to go in, I included arranged inside me how I will change my means when turning out with my white envelope. I adore the elderly person and I intended to embrace her when she will let me know “congrats madam”. All the three ladies who went in before me spent between fifteen to twenty minutes and they were out. Forty minutes after I entered, the lab professional was yet to give me my outcome. I saw him going over a similar procedure again and I realized something wasn’t right. One moment madam, he mentioned like multiple times. I turned out to be pointlessly fomented and stressed. For what reason is my very own test taken such a long time? Has he found something different unique in relation to pregnancy in the test? What could not be right? I thought of numerous things including being HIV positive. Regardless of whether I was HIV positive, it must be from an alternate source and not sex.



He at long last given over the envelope to me yet mine was a darker envelope. Every one of the individuals who had turned out before me was given a white envelope, for what reason is mine dark colored? I questioned my psyche. I was anticipating that he should state something yet he gave over the envelope to me and proceeded with his work as though I was no longer in the lab. I sat tight for around two minutes, anticipating that he should state something however he didn’t utter a word. Oga what is in the outcome? I asked him. He was not pleasant at all when he let me know “madam the outcome is negative”. I immediately asked which means what? As though I don’t comprehend what he implied. ‘Madam you are not pregnant’, he said thoughtlessly. My entire body framework changed right away. Is this man rational? Is it accurate to say that he is an expert by any stretch of the imagination? ‘How might you disclose to me I am not pregnant in the wake of missing my period for over twenty days. I have been having unprotected sex over a month now. This can’t be valid, I will go somewhere else to re-try this test.’ I answered furiously. As I was tied in with conveying my satchel I recalled the old cleaner at the gathering and how I will confront her with my darker envelope. I immediately crushed the envelope into my sack.

When I opened the entryway of the lab my legs were missing focus as every single other lady situated turned at me with the elderly person looking officially forlorn. I had a craving for entering the ground that day, no one revealed to me congrats like other ladies who came in before me. I took a gander at the elderly person and tears dripped down my cheeks. She held me and murmured to me, “God will do it”. I immediately hurried out of the scene to maintain a strategic distance from greater pity from the holding up ladies.

On my way to another facility to refute the test, I felt a wetness in my gasp. I gorgeously put in my grasp, it was blood, my menses just came. I advised the cab driver I needed to drop, madam you no dey go Felele once more? He inquired. No, I’m not going once more, I altered my opinion. He dropped me and I gave him N200 without requesting my change. When I dropped I went to I adjacent shop and cried my life out. What will I tell my significant other who is hanging tight for the uplifting news? How would I clarify my social change and shows? I had a craving for ending it all that minute. While I was out to lunch my telephone rang, it was my significant other. Hi sweetheart, how could it go, would you say you are through in the medical clinic, have you done the test? What is the consequence of the test? I didn’t know which of his inquiries to reply. I will be home soon, I answered and finished the call.

Between ten minutes, the arrangement of inquiries and considerations had overpowered me. Why and by what means can Sally who is a notable miscreant be pregnant before her wedding and me who have been serving God steadfastly to the best of my insight be made to experience this? I kept myself, Sally squandered herself yet Jacob’s favoring is given to Esau and Esau’s favoring given to Jacob. What have I fouled up? What is my offense? What did Sally do right that I didn’t do?

To be continued…..

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