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How to use Two – Factor Authentication on Your Social Media Accounts

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How to use Two – Factor Authentication on Your Social Media Accounts | For you want to protect your social media accounts we will advise you to use Two – Factor Authentication on all your social media accounts. Looking at the increase of social media platforms, one has to be more cautious of security choosing a strong password and using two –factor authentication to enhance the security of your accounts will be of great help. To do these follow this article carefully.

How to use Two – Factor Authentication on Your Social Media Accounts
How to use Two – Factor Authentication on Your Social Media Accounts

What is Two –Factor Authentication?

In a simple term two –factor authentication (also called 2FA) is a security method which uses two different ways to verify your identity.

 Here you wouldn’t just enter a password to log in but you will also be required to use two-factor authentication to verify your identity. This code will be sent to you via text message to your phone or in some case generated via an app. this verification allows only the user to have access to their account.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

In order to enable two –factor authentication on Facebook here is what to do.

Go to Facebook settings.

Select the Security and Login tab.

Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication.

 Click Edit.

Then choose any of the options authentication app or text message (SMS) as your security method.

Facebook recommends using an authentication app (by default). You can choose to use a text message (SMS) if you like.

Select your country code then enter your phone number.

Note: phone number used for two-factor authentication cannot be used to recover password again.

So if you decide to go with an authentication app, then you will be required to scan a QR code or enter a code into your authentication app for it to start generating your verification codes. Facebook recommends Google Authentication or Duo mobile.

Once you choose a security method, Facebook let you select additional security back-up. Including the default methods, you will now be allowed to use recovery codes and Security Key. For more information go to Facebook’s Support page.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

Logging to your account through the web.

Head to account setting, click “more” on Twitter’s side menu.

Then, click settings and privacy.

If you logging via the Twitter app, click on the profile icon in the upper –left.

Scroll down and select setting and privacy.

Below settings, go to “Account “and select “Security”

And select Two-factor authentication and follow the steps to set up 2FA by texting message or an authentication app.

Enter your password to confirm the process.

NOTE: if you already added one method of two-factor authentication you can also add an additional method or use security Key when you logged into your account on a supported web browser.

And also you wouldn’t be allowed to add a security key through the Twitter mobile app. but they also support a single-use backup code and a temporary password.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Snapchat

On the Snapchat app

Click on the icon at the top left.

 Click the red gear icon on your profile to open settings.

Press Two-Factor Authentication.

A quick summary of it will show up.

Click on continue and you will be allowed to choose the option to receive verification code.

Choose any of the options to receive the code, if you choose SMS verification, a code will be sent to you via text.

Enter the code to verify your account.

But if you choose authentication app, you will be expected to set it up either automatically or manually.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Pinterest

You can only set up two-factor authentication on Pinterest through browser. When you logged in to your account;

Click the pull-down menu icon close to your profile.

Select settings.

At  the side menu that appears click on “Security”

Below two-factor authentication.

Tick the box next to the required code at login.

And enter your password and click next.

Select your country/region code

Enter your phone number.

A code will be sent to your phone to verify your account or you can use the authentication app.

Then click verify.

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