How to use Google Maps -save your home/work addresses

How to use Google Maps – Google Maps has been a great help to people by helping them navigate their way wherever they need to go. A lot of people rely on Google Maps to navigate their way around the world and to locate an address, point of interest, Public transit routes and many others.

Even though you are a fan of Google maps user, there are so many features you are not taking advantage of as there are so many features the app has to offer. Reading this article will help you to maximize the uses of Google maps.

How to use Google Maps – How to turn on incognito mode

For security purpose, if you want to search for a location using Google maps without your searches or location history being recorded in the app, you can use incognito mode. Since incognito mode on Google maps has been added by Google. This can also be prevented using search and navigation from impacting the personalized recommendations you get. For you to this   > tap your profile picture at the top right corner. Hence, click on Turn on incognito mode. Mind you, another device on your device will still be able to track your location and your whereabouts. To turn this off again, click on the incognito icon at the top right corner on your Google and tap Turn off incognito mode.

How to use Google Maps

How to save your home and work addresses

We should be more cautious about our home and work addresses. To do this, once your Google maps are open;

Tap the Menu button.

Represented by three-dot line in the top left corner

Click on your places: you will see Home and Work.  Put your addresses in it.

Here, you can ask Google maps to navigate to Home or Work instead of entering the address again.

You also have the option to enter a search like other places you like “restaurants near work” and you will see the various option.

How to save your home and work addresses

How to get directions quickly

Most of us are only aware of Google Maps navigation that offers Voice-guided, turn by turn directions, but do we know there is a shortcut to do this?  As you search for a place or touch it on the map, hence touch and hold the blue Directions button at the bottom right there, as you hold it Google maps will choose the best route and launch into Navigation mode. If you want to shortcut the route or change your mode of transport, then you can just tap it once, make changes and click start.

How to share your real-time location

For you to share your location in a real-time with family or friends;

Click on the three-dot line at the top left corner

Choose location and sharing. Here,

Tap the Add people icon at the top right to choose how long you want to share it.

Select people to share with, if they have a Google account, then your location will be shared with them in their Google Maps app, if they don’t have an app, it will be sent as a link which they can tap it.

Note: you can also share your location on Facebook messenger app with your friends. With this, anyone sharing their location with you has their own tab at the top of the screen, and you tap on it to see their location.

How to share a location

Tap and hold on any of your chosen locations to drop a pin.

Click on the address segment at the bottom of the screen to expand it.

Tap share, a pop-up list of apps will show up that you can share your location with. If your friends are having trouble finding your location, then they can click on your photo for assistance. Below is how to share street views directly.

How to see Street View on Mobile

In other to see a photo of your location you need to use street view. You have to touch and hold on the map to drop a pin on your chosen location; from there you tap on the bottom where it says dropped Pin or the address in other to show the information. The image of the location close to the bottom of your screen will show. Then Tap it, and you will launch into street view at your chosen location. And you can share the street view by tapping the menu at the top right corner and tap share.

How to find things nearby

Sometimes you might want to do some stuff, filling gas, looking for a bite to eat or you want to mail a package. You can tap on the Explore option at the bottom of the left in Google Maps, and a list of interest nearby will be shown. From there you can scroll down and choose any of the categories. There are a Gas station, restaurants, hospitals, ATMs and so on. There is also a search bar you can use to search whatever you need or you use voice search by clicking on the microphone icon at the top right corner.

Then you can choose whatever you are looking for, and a list of different option will be presented.

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