How To Use Facebook Insights – Use Facebook Audience Insights

How To Use Facebook Insights – Use Facebook Audience Insights. For you to be able to use Facebook Insights, all you need to do first is to click on the gear wheel. This is located on your Facebook Fan Page and Select ‘View Insights’.

On the insight dashboard, here, the total number of likes is shown. This will tell you whether is increasing or decreasing. And also the numbers of friends you have.

In addition to that, it also shows how many people are actively talking about your page as well as your total weekly reach. Below is the possible feature users will see that is available on the Facebook Insight dashboard.

How to use Facebook Insights – Virality of Posts.

At the bottom of the graph, you will see your latest post and learn about their virality.
This is very useful when you want to know which post was the most successful.
You can figure this out by considering the following steps.
All post types.
Platforms post

This is very important if you want to know the success of a certain post. Also, instead of going through all post, you can simply sort by videos.
Hence, you will now be able to know, the date of a post, the title of the post, the number of reaches, how many users engaged with a particular post. And how many people have shared that particular post content. As well as it virality in a percentage form.

Likes on Facebook Insights

If any of your audiences ‘click like’ you will be able to see the demographics, as well as the locations of your fans or. You will be able to see their age group as well.

Reach – Facebook Fan Page

It is good to have a Facebook Fan Page, but how interesting are your contents? Who is talking about your page? Are any of your fans referring your page to others or sharing your image with their friends? All of these depends on how interesting your page is.
This section aids you to see your page views and unique visitor views. And you will also be able to see your reach in terms of organic searches, paid and viral searches.

Users’ engagement

Here, it shows valuable data about who is engaging and talking about your page .this is include demographics and percentages of people in different age groups.
The most important thing here is to understand how your content trends over time.

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