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How to Send Money with Apple Pay – Steps to send money in Apple Pay

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How to Send Money with Apple Pay – Steps to send money in Apple Pay – Are you using  Apple pay system on your apple device? Or you want to know how to send money with apple pay? If you are interested then this article is for you? This is what you need to know for you to send cash on apple pay.

How to Send Money with Apple Pay
How to Send Money with Apple Pay

How to Send Money with Apple Pay

It is very easy to send cash with apple pay. But some people do not know how to use it in their apple device. While some make a purchase with it but they do not know they can send and receive money with it. If you read through this article then, that entire challenge will be solved.

What you need to Send Money with Apple Pay

Here are some things you need to know before sending money on Apple pay. It is very simple and is good you take note of these; you must be a citizen of the USA and 18 years and above. Here are other things included;

Two – Factor identification of your Apple ID. Ensure you sign in to iMessage or iCloud with the same Apple ID on the device you want to use.

A device with iOS11.2 and higher or OS 4.2 and higher are compatible.

Ensure you have money on your apple cash card and an eligible debit or credit card.

With all these above things in place you are good to go. And make sure you agree to the terms and conditions of the platform. This will be required if you are sending or receiving for the first time. For you to agree to their terms > open a conversation messages, tap on the apple pay icon, read the terms and conditions.  Tap agree and you might be required to verify your identity.

Steps to Send Money with Apple Pay

Read the steps to send cash on apple pay successfully.

iPhone or iPad

Tap on a new conversation or exiting one.

Click on the apple pay button.

Tap on the – or  +  sign to select an amount.

Or tap show keyboard to enter the amount.

Then tap pay.

After that, your money in apple cash will be used up first. Then you will be required to confirm with touch ID, your password or face ID to send your payment successfully.

Apple Watch

Click on a new conversation or an existing one

Click on apple pay icon

Turn the digital crown to choose the amount or tap the dollars sign to enter an amount.

Then tap after the decimal and turn the digital crown.

And click pay, to review your payment information.

To send payments double click on the side button.

Note: you can also use ‘Ask Siri’ feature on your apple device. All you need to do is to say what you want, like the amount you are sending and the person you want to send it to.

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